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‘Blue Beetle’ Actor Calling Batman a “Fascist” Divides DC, Fans Claim: ‘If this is Zack Snyder Batman then he got a point’

'Blue Beetle' Actor Calling Batman a "Fascist" Divides DC, Fans Claim: 'If this is Zack Snyder Batman then he got a point'

DC recently unveiled the trailer of its new superhero flick Blue Beetle which met with mixed reactions from the fans. In the trailer, an important character can be heard calling Batman a “fascist.” While some fans loved the character’s take on the Caped Crusader, others weren’t so impressed. Those in favor pointed out that if this is the version of Batman created by Zack Snyder, the comment may hold some truth.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

However, several fans have argued that Batman is a complex character that a single label shouldn’t define and that such comments only serve to unnecessary division within the DC community. This controversy has brought forward that passionate and sometimes divisive side of fandom culture.

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Why Did Blue Beetle Call Batman Fascist?

The upcoming movie is set within the established DC Extended Universe that also introduced Ben Affleck’s Batman. Blue Beetle‘s story revolves around a college graduate Jaime Reyes (played by Xolo Maridueña), Bianca (portrayed by Elipidia Carrillo), and Uncle Rudy (played by George Lopez).

After Jamie bonds with the Scarab, an ancient artifact possessing extraterrestrial biotechnology that gives him an advanced suit of alien armor, he says that it reminds him of “Batman’s gear.” The trailer ends with Uncle Rudy’s funny take, where he says, “Batman’s a fascist!” The statement has sparked controversy on social media, especially amongst Batman fans.

While some seem to enjoy the comment, others were not a fan of the dig at Batman. Being one of the oldest and the most beloved superheroes, fans do not enjoy their faults being pointed out like that even as a joke.

Xolo Maridueña in Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña in Blue Beetle

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Xolo Maridueña’s Take On Batman

During the trailer premiere, the actor playing the lead character revealed what the character thinks of Batman. He explained,

“Jaime might think Batman is super cool, but at the heart of it, maybe what Batman stands for is a bit flawed.”

The actor believes the new film provides an opportunity to establish their unique interpretation of a superhero, unlike Superman, who fears nothing and is unwavering in his determination to finish the job at hand. Instead, the audience will witness a character who is initially unwilling to accept their fate and hesitant to answer their calling, which creates a sense of resistance at the start of their journey.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

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What Are Blue Beetle’s Superpowers

Jaime Reyes’ abilities as the Blue Beetle stems from the Scarab, an extraterrestrial entity that is fused to his spine. The Scarab provides Jaime with an exceptionally resilient exoskeleton that works seamlessly with his body. While Jaime has command over his powers, there are instances where the Scarab exerts its autonomy against Jaime’s intentions.

A shot from the trailer of Blue Beetles
A shot from the trailer of Blue Beetles

Apart from standard superhero powers such as enhanced speed, agility, strength, and flight, the Scarab offers a variety of additional capabilities. It also enables Jaime to heal quickly, absorb energy, and shield against hazardous environments. Not just that, it also provides Jaime with abilities like sound modulation, pyrokinesis, the power to create scanning devices and drones, and the ability to control technology.

Blue Beetle comes out on 18 August 2023.

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