‘They told me not to worry’: Blue Beetle Director Angel Manuel Soto Claims They Were Scared Movie Will Be Canceled But WB Assured Blue Beetle is Happening

Blue Beetle director confirms that the superhero will be important for the DCEU's future.
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Warner Bros has been through a lot of changes this year. The studio completed its merger with Discovery, which led to a whole new plan for the upcoming movies or shows under the studio. Although the studio canceled many films and shows, the changes made to DC in all of them are still a subject of discussion. Blue Beetle is one of the movies to survive the studio’s new plans. Its director, Angel Manuel Soto, recently talked about how he felt during all this. 

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Blue Beetle

While Warner Bros. was busy scrapping movies and coming up with a new plan for the DCEU, Angel Manuel Soto was scared for the film. After Warner Bros confirmed the cancelation of Batgirl, his concerns started growing about the movie. However, the studio kept the film going, which will release in the summer of 2023. 

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Blue Beetle has Warner Bros. Discovery’s Full Support

Director Angel Manuel Soto said that Batgirl’s cancellation news worried him. He said he was concerned that Blue Beetle would also get canceled and that everything they worked on would go to the scarp. He said, “I’m not going to lie. There was a concern, anger, fear at first.”

The director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto
The director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto

However, he was happy when the studio executive assured him that the film would continue. The director said that executives said they support him and Blue Beetle will not suffer the same fate as Batgirl. “They told me not to worry. The film has their full support,” he said. 

Blue Beetle stars Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes. Warner Bros originally planned to release it on HBO Max, but the studio later scheduled it for a theatrical release. 


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Blue Beetle Will Have an Important Role in the DCEU’s Future

While talking about the film, the director said the character would be important for the DCEU’s future. During an interview with NPR, Angel Manuel Soto and Xolo Maridueña talked about the movie and the character. While the director shared his concerns about the movie, Xolo Maridueña explained his character in the film.

Xolo Maridueña is cast as Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña cast as Blue Beetle

He said that the superhero is like a fusion of Iron Man and Green Lantern. “He’s kind of like a fusion of Green Lantern and Iron Man. He has a scarab from outer space that is attached to his body called Khaji da,” Maridueña explained.  


Xolo Maridueña also said that Jaime Reyes becomes Blue Beetle when he is implanted with superpower alien armor. He said that Blue Beetle is one of the oldest characters in the DCEU, but this version is new and different from theirs. 

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Warner Bros. Confirms Release Date For Blue Beetle

After all the changes, WB announced the release date for the movie. The film stars Xolo Maridueña, Harvey Guillén, George Lopez, Elpidia Carrillo, and Raoul Max Trujillo. 


The film will follow a Mexican-American teenager, Jaime Reyes, who finds a mysterious robotic scarab that fuses with his spine. After this, he gains the ability to summon a powerful suit of armor. With time, Reyes realizes that armor has a mind of its own and even has the ability to control him. 

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

There are multiple Beetles in comics. However, the movie will follow Jaime Reyes, who is the third character to take on the mantle of Blue Beetle. He is also described as being different from his predecessors. 

In comics, Jaime Reyes finds the scarab in the vacant lot, which fuses with him while he sleeps. He has a large and loving family, which is a major source of strength and guidance for him. 


Blue Beetle will release on 18 August 2023.

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