Blue Beetle Wraps Main Villain’s Filming After Replacing Sharon Stone

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Blue Beetle is one of the most-awaited DCUE projects. DCEU has recently been facing some trouble with two of its actors stuck in legal issues – Amber Heard and Ezra Miller. But that does not mean that the franchise is stopping from expanding, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam soon set to hit the theatres and many other projects in the making. One of them is the Xolo Mariduena starrer, who plays the role of Jaime Reyes. The movie is being directed by Angel Manuel Soto and with the production well underway, they have recently reached a milestone as a part of the shoot is completed.

Blue Beelte wraps up a portion of their shooting
Blue Beetle wraps up a portion of their shooting

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Blue Beetle wraps the filming of the main villain after replacing the actor

The actress, playing the main villain, took Instagram to share the news that the filming of her character, the mysterious villain Victoria Kord has now wrapped up. Victoria Kord is a character created just for the DCEU film. Susan Sarandon shared a photo with the caption: “And that’s a wrap on Victoria Kord!”

Susan Sarandon confirms on Instagram that the main villain's shoot is wrapped up
Susan Sarandon confirms on Instagram that the main villain’s shoot is wrapped up

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It was confirmed in April that the actress had been picked to play the antagonist in the movie. Before her, Sharon Stone was in talks to play the role. The real reason why Sharon Stone dropped out of the film was not disclosed but it was speculated that it was due to some issues with the negotiations between the studio and the actress.

Who is Victoria Kord?

The main antagonist of the movie, Victoria Kord is not from the DC comics but she shares her surname with one – Ted Kord. Many fans have speculated that the two have some connection and the latter might even appear in the film or be referenced. Ted Kord does share a connection with Blue Beetle as Jaime Reyes is the third Blue Beetle.

Victoria Kord is the antagonist of Blue Beetle
Susan Sarandon plays Victoria Kord – the antagonist of Blue Beetle

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There’s also news that she would not be the only villain, the superhero will have to deal with. But there is another and the movie might include The Indestructible Man, Carapax, who is connected to Ted Kord too.

Blue Beetle – main cast and release date

Being directed by Angel Manuel Solo, the plot is based on the story of Blue Beetle – a teenager who receives the power of a sacred scarab. Though much has not been shared about the plot of the movie, the fans have high hopes for the new character being introduced by DC.

The director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto
The director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto

Apart from Xolo Mariduena and Susan Sarandon, the cast of the movie includes – George Lopez, Bruna Marquezine, Belissa Escobedo, and Harvey Guillen.

Blue Beetle will release in theatres on August 18, 2023.

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