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Blue Beetle Test Screening Leak Confirms Movie Has a Serious ’90s Vibe, Proves Why James Gunn Left Xolo Maridueña Movie Untouched

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DCU’s upcoming film Blue Beetle has proved to be a win for the newly minted studio states a YouTuber after watching an early test screening of the superhero movie. Although the news comes from a reliable critic, the audience has been skeptical in recent times, considering DC’s less-than-average performance in terms of projects and promises.

As such the family-friendly movie which has already drawn some favorable attention owing to its comic-accurate first peek now has a broader audience base after the test screening leaks proved to drum up some piqued interest towards the DC film.

Blue Beetle (2023)
Blue Beetle (2023)

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Blue Beetle Gets Positive Reaction From Test Screening Leak

An early screening was shown to the YouTube content creator and reviewer, Mr. H, who has now sent in constructive feedback and managed to portray Blue Beetle in a positive light — which happens to be very good news for the DC fans. If the superhero film actually manifests the success that its early screening promises, it will be a major win for the franchise after an unnecessarily long and dry spell.

The YouTuber, Mr. H has claimed that the movie’s “late ’90s” aesthetic targets an audience who “will find [the film] endearing.” Aside from its visual representation, the film is said to be “entertaining” and “kid-friendly” which not only sets Blue Beetle open to a PG-13 reception but also makes it a film for accompanying adults who can expect themselves to be “moderately amused.” 

Blue Beetle receives positive response
Blue Beetle receives a positive early screening response

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Perhaps it was this well-rounded aspect of the DC project that had caused WBD chief, David Zaslav, to reconsider axing this singular film among the array of canceled ones such as Batgirl and for James Gunn to move ahead without any changes made to Blue Beetle‘s scheduled release.

Watch the test screening leak here.

Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle Raises Expectations For DCU

Like the highs and lows that perched over DC for its recent cinematic history, every project has come with its fair share of hyped-up expectations and disappointing reviews. And even though there have been more successes than failures for the CBM franchise, as of late, it feels as though DC has been struggling to stay afloat amid a torrent of crushing defeats.

Among the many misfires of 2022, ranging from Black Adam to Batgirl, the Xolo Maridueña film seems like a welcome respite from the controversial launches and hierarchy-changing guerrilla plots. The film, Blue Beetle, seeks to simply deliver what a superhero film is inherently supposed to at its core — a refreshing plot, comic-book accuracy, futuristic diorama, and visually charging cinematography.

Blue Beetle rumored to be central to DCU
Blue Beetle rumored to be central to DCU

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The film also features a cast comprising industry veterans like George Lopez and Susan Sarandon. Batfleck is rumored to make an appearance, although the scene could be scrapped to prevent further confusion in the DCU timeline.

Blue Beetle premieres on 18 August 2023.

Source: YouTube

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