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‘We are Doomed’: Fans Disappointed After Disney Extends Controversial CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract

Disney has extended the contract of its controversial CEO, Bob Chapek. Disney is one of the biggest studios with a bright future ahead of it. Even during the global pandemic, the studio managed to grow with new series on their streaming platform. Disney+ which came out quite recently has been giving a strong competition to the streaming giant, Netflix. But the CEO has not stayed away from the controversy over his last tenure. Despite that, Disney executives want him to remain in the position for three more years.

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Bob Chapek to remain CEO at Disney despite controversy

Bob Chapek's tenure as CEO extended by Disney
Bob Chapek’s tenure as CEO extended by Disney

According to the report by The Hollywood Reporter, the Board of Directors at Walt Disney has decided to extend the tenure of Bob Chapek as CEO. Variety has also reported on the same. saying that the extension is for three more years, which means that he would stay in the position with the company, at least, till 2025.

Bob Chapek to stay CEO till 2025 now
Bob Chapek to stay CEO till 2025 now despite controversy

This is despite all the controversy he was in previously. He was one of the notable figureheads whom Scarlett Johansson sued for the lost revenue when the studio released her standalone movie, Black Widow, in theatres and on Disney+ at the same time. He also was stuck in controversy for remaining silent on the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill in Florida. When a number of employees had spoken against it.

But looking at the success the studio has had during his tenure, based on that, it seems that the company has made its decision to keep him.

Fans are not pleased by the decision

Fans are not happy with the decision
Fans are not happy with the decision

The entertainment giant has a huge fanbase and now with its merger with Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, it has only been growing. But due to all the controversy around Bob Chapek, the Disney fans aren’t big fans of him. They have stated their opinion on the decision on Twitter.

Check out the tweets below.

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Disney has had a great year so far and Bob Chapek is positive that the upcoming shows and movies would be equally successful.

The upcoming MCU movie, Thor: Love and Thunder comes out on July 8 in the US.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Variety