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Boba Fett vs. Cad Bane: Who Is The Stronger Bounty Hunter?

The seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will almost certainly include a clash between Boba Fett and Cad Bane. However, only one of them can lay claim to being the greatest bounty hunter of all time. Let’s get our facts straight and make a guess as to who could win this epic battle.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett Statue
Life-size statue of Boba Fett in all his glory.

Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett, who had been groomed since his creation to succeed his “father” as the Galaxy’s finest bounty hunter. His reputation is well-deserved since his coworkers and targets both dread him. Due to his father’s sturdy Beskar armor and his ESB blaster weapon, Boba Fett may be able to outperform his opponent in terms of functionality. He also has twin gauntlets with a range of weapons. They include bolas, flamethrowers, and rockets, as well as a jetpack that allows him to fly short distances.

Cad Bane


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Cad Bane is an expert bounty hunter who uses a variety of weaponry as well as his wits to vanquish his adversaries. Bane was allowed to pick and choose tasks at his leisure in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Many of them were for the Separatists at threefold his customary rate. He is a superb marksman who prefers to use twin blasters as his primary weapon. In his battles with Jedi Knights, he used a mix of his jet boots, weaponry, and knew when he was outmatched. He also employs a variety of gadgets to achieve his goals, like droids and hypnotic devices. Although he packs much lighter than Boba, he has an edge against him because of this mobility.

The Canceled arc before Clone Wars reveals vital details

Despite the fact that the program depicting the Boba and Cad storyline was canceled, the fans figured it out owing to storyboards and a pre-rendered clip. Due to Bane’s familiarity with Jango, he is shown to be a mentor to Boba. Their beliefs, however, would inevitably conflict. This would have resulted in a duel between the two hunters. And with each of them firing at the same time and knocking the other back. Boba was, however, covered by his helmet, and it was revealed that Bane’s blast,  which is supposedly the source of the iconic dent in Fett’s armor. Thus, Boba would have slain Bane in this fight, demonstrating his new status as the galaxy’s next great bounty hunter. However, all of this has now been deemed non-canon.

The Final Showdown – Boba Fett Or Cad Bane


The raw knowledge, talent, and speed give Cad Bane a significant advantage in combat. The Mandalorian, on the other hand, has demonstrated how fire-resistant Mandalorian armor can be. With Boba’s firepower and flight time already in his favor, it’s difficult to see how Cad Bane could outperform him. As a result, Boba Fett is our pick as to who wins this legendary encounter.

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