Bob’s Burgers Creator Confirms Fan Theory

The Bob’s Burgers Movie hits theaters May 27th, but eagle eyed viewers may have spotted some easter eggs within the series that set up the plot of the film. During a press junket to promote the upcoming film, Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard confirmed a fan theory that ties the current season, directly to the upcoming film.

In The Bob’s Burgers Movie the restaurant is in danger of being closed down (again). The Belchers are behind on their rent and business loan payments. The bank is threatening to take the restaurant if they don’t come up with the cash, and quick! Seven days to be exact. If Bob thought things couldn’t get any worse… he was wrong. A sink hole opens up in front of the business and prevents customers from entering during the busy summer season.

Bob's Burgers
Image from Bob’s Burgers that depicts a crack in the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

That sink hole might seem like a random occurrence to most viewers; but some fans took notice of a mysterious crack in recent episodes of the series. That crack, which appears in the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, has gotten bigger with each passing episode. Is it a sign of the troubles to come? Or is it simply unrelated? I had the pleasure of participating in the press junket and Loren Bouchard cleared the air on the matter.

“I’m so glad people noticed.”

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Bob's Burgers
Image from Bob’s Burgers that depicts the crack in the sidewalk.

The creator, writer and director of the hit animated series confirmed that the crack is, in fact, directly connected to the sink hole that appears in The Bob’s Burgers Movie. It’s a fun bit that connects the timeline of the series to that of the film. Did you notice the crack in the sidewalk?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie releases in theaters on the 27th. Stay tuned for my upcoming review which releases next week.

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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