Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: A Refreshing Take

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review
Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

The latest A24 film, Bodies Bodies Bodies, is upon us and in true A24 fashion, it gives us a refreshing take on a story as old as time; in this case the murder mystery. While it may seem like recent media has just been littered with murder mystery content, as I said this a truly refreshing take, and one you wont want to miss on the big screen. Bodies Bodies Bodies releases in theaters Friday, August 5th.

(L-R) Maria Bakalova (Bee), Amandla Stenberg (Sophie), Myha’la Herrold (Jordan), Rachel Senott (Alice) – Bodies Bodies Bodies

As I said before the plot of this film is a murder mystery, but it truly is a refreshing take in a time where it seems murder mystery media is at its peak. It takes place in a remote home with a group of teens that have gathered to take part in a hurricane party (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like). The group decides to play a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies, and if you’ve ever heard of or played Among Us, it’s basically exactly that. Director Halina Reijn excels in delivering not only an intense story, but one that you can get a good laugh out of as well.  

I simply cannot state enough how in love I am with the cast of this film. Maria Bakalova stars as the main character, Bee. Bee is the newest member of the group and although she’s shy, she seemed to also be the one most subject to peer pressure, making the role quite an interesting one that she truly shines in. Pete Davidson takes the role of David, and let me tell you he can act! David is the rich and snobby one of the group and more often than not serves as the comedic relief in serious situations for the group, and it’s done so well I assure you won’t be leaving the theater without cracking at least a smile.

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The true star of the show for me though has to be Amandla Stenberg (Sophie). She was, and I can’t stress this to you enough, ABSOLUTELY STELLAR. She’s an extroverted party animal, although she is fresh out of rehab. She is also Bee’s girlfriend, and the reason she is on the trip in the first place. Every scene that Sophie is in is absolutely phenomenal as she might be one of, if not, the best part of this entire film. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies
Amandla Stenberg (Sophie) – Bodies Bodies Bodies

Finally I would like to point out the humor in this movie, because it was downright hilarious. From the very beginning we were given glimpses that this is going to be a refreshing take on what’s usually a dark and grim story. The funny moments in this film aren’t just comedic relief, they work, and really damn well, which is probably in part to the phenomenal cast on display, as well.


From storytelling, to pacing, to the all around atmosphere, this film truly doesn’t skip a beat. This is 100% a movie that I would give the time to re-watch.  If you’re a fan of A24 films or murder mystery stories in general, this film is one that you wont want to miss. 

SCORE: 8.5/10

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Written by Elijah Boxhill

Elijah Boxhill is a critic and author for Fandomwire. Elijah is also one of the hosts of the FandomWire comic book based podcast, Comic Book Saga. Twitter: @OpticalCinema TikTok: @OpticalCinema Instagram: @ElijahBoxhill