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Book Of Boba Fett: 5 Times Boba Was A Bad Daimyo

Book Of Boba Fett 5 Times Boba Was A Bad Daimyo

Daimyo was the ruler of territory in Mos Espa- a city on the desert planet Tatooine-maintained through the allegiance and tribute of vassals, such as government officials and proprietors. The title of Daimyo was held successively by the crime lords Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Bob Fortuna, and Boba Fett. After his duration in the Sarlacc’s belly and then living among the Tusken Raiders, Fett has a newfound fancy for collaboration, loyalty, and community. Occasionally this is to his advantage, as in the case of acquiring a street gang of spies or emphatic Wookiee ally. Still, sometimes it indicates that neither the Hutts nor the rest of the territory sees him as a danger.

Boba Fett bonding With Ranco

Book of Boba Fett
Fett bonding With Rancor

Fett and Black Krrsantan close, and a tie-to-tie battle end after the Fett’s hackman save their leader from a nasty ending. The Hutts request forgiveness regarding the current attack at the new Daimyo’s life, saying that the mayor misled them after he swore Tatooine to an always unrevealed associate of the Syndicate. Boba Fett is best for bonding with the creature after its former owners abandoned him. When he was living with the Tusken Raiders, he started understanding the needs of living creatures.

However, Boba Fett’s actual reality for making a deep connection with the animals, respecting and understanding their emotions and needs, going for rides with them is only because frighten those who oppose him, and the creature will devour them.

Assassination attempt on Boba Fett

Assassination attempt on Boba Fett

Tatooine’s new Daimyo in Mos Espa dispatched Black Krrsantan to kill their rivals to Jabba’s throne. The Wookiee penetrated Boba’s Palace and attacked Boba Fett, healing in his bacta tank. Krrsantan uses his electrified brass knuckles to strike down the Daimyo and throw him out of the tank across the room. Boba Fett stabbed the Wookiee twice with his club blade gaffe stick.

Meanwhile, Boba Fett’s newly recruited street gang arrived and attacked Krrsantan; the battle became tenser. Finally, Fennec Shand’s intervention stopped Krrsantan. Now twins realized that their bounty hunter had failed, and the planet was offered with another syndicate, mayor Mok Shaiz. 

Risking his Allies


Fennec Shand reminds Boba Fett while they visited the first time in Mos Espa that Jabba never left his chambers- everyone came to him. Fett decides instead to mingle with the populace unannounced and visit places owned by prominent figures in the community. Even Madam Garcia doesn’t realize who the distinguished guest is stepping into her canteen. Boba Fett attempts to establish a connection with Garsa to call on her loyalty at another time, as he does with Marshal Cobb Vanth out in Mos Pelgo. 

Not Arriving Anywhere on A Litter

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While it’s not precisely Fett’s style to be carried around on a litter through the streets of Mos Espa like Jabba the Hutt, there is a strategy in the mode of transportation; it’s intimidating, evokes fear, and reminds everyone that the person being carried is essential. In addition, the litter symbolizes the power inherent to his position, which he seems to ignore. Not only that but without the extra hands to carry him, he’s outnumbered by rogue assassins like the Night Wind.

Giving The Street Gang Work

The Book of Boba Fett
Boba Fett on the streets of Mos Espa

After a greedy water seller pleads with the Daimyo to risk a street gang returning looted wares. Fett realizes that the Mos Espa teens are simply trying to get by, given the lack of open jobs. So, the seller gradually increases charging for his water. Boba Fett employs them and attacks the seller. Demanding him to sell his water for a reasonable price so that the citizens of Mos Espa can afford it. In addition, Boba Fett develops a loyal crew of highly skilled and enhanced spies who can run sentry without suspect.






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