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Book Of Boba Fett – All The Aliens You Probably Missed In The Trailer

Book Of Bobba Fett All The Aliens You Probably Missed In The Trailer

Star Wars fans have been waiting impatiently for something of a conglomerate. Finally, the “Book of Boba Fett” set on Tatooine gives some relief to those fans. Tatooine has always been a diverse setting in the Star Wars universe, including bizarre aliens from around the galaxy. A fair few of them pop up in this trailer, and here are a few of them: 

1. Monk of the B’omarr Order: The B’omarr Order, which appeared in “Return of the Jedi,” had his brains suspended into a container of nutrients. They did so to achieve complete enlightenment through the lack of physical sensation. Now, thanks to Jabba’s twisted sense of amusement, the monks are allowed to roam about freely. Furthermore, through the sandy, dusty plains of Tatooine, fans can see a robot-like spider with a sac of orange fluid!

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2. Momaw Nadon: Momaw Nadon first appeared in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” as an unnamed entity. The iconic scene remembers him of being exile, banished from the kingdom Ithor upon trading secrets with the Galactic Empire. Although he found his home on Tatooine, he took an interest in gardening. In the trailer, fans spotted an Ithorian sitting on the throne, and the story can be traced back to Nadon. If it is him, it’d be exciting to see this new dynamic. 

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3. Gamorrean Guards: The Gamorrean Guards from Jabbas palace, first seen in the original “Star Wars” Trilogy, also appeared in the trailer. These green humanoids come from the planet of Gammor. They sustain in clans and are vicious mercenaries with a low intelligence quotient. Nevertheless, they are mighty underground gladiators and an essential part of Jabba’s security lookout. 

 Gamorrean Guards The Book of Boba Fett trailer

4. Jabba’s old allies: In the trailer, the titular bounty hunter can be spotted by eagle-eyed fans negotiating some sort. These “Star Wars” characters were among the array of odd-bags involved with Jabba the Hutt, some allies, some not. One can see the reptile-like humanoids- Trandoshans and the dark-green dog-like aliens- The Klatooinians. Hailing from the planet Ando, there also seems to be an Aqualish at the table. The presence of these aliens implies an exciting turn of events. 

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5. Tusken Raiders and Twi’leks: The Tusken Raiders and Twi’leks feature in the “Star Wars” Trilogy and its subsequent sequels. Moreover, fans recognize these characters in the trailer. Sustaining on planet Ryloth, the Twi’leks’ key features include twin-tail-like appendages growing from the back of their heads. They come in all shades of the rainbow, and the females of the species are highly sought after as exotic dancers. Finally, you can’t get around the fact that any story set on the sandy planet will feature Tusken Raiders. The nomadic tribes roam the terrain and are known for attacking travelers. Furthermore, their signature robes cover them from top to bottom against the harsh conditions. 

Tusken Raider - Happybeeps

It is exciting that so many different “Star Wars” aliens appearing in the “Book of Boba Fett” trailer this time. Moreover, fans know they’re in for an adventurous ride. Share this with fellow fans to get their opinion on the “Book of Boba Fett” and this adaptation.


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