Book Of Boba Fett Theory: The Real Villain Is Qi’ra & The Crimson Dawn

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The Book Of Boba Fett is carefully shaping up the tense situation at Tatooine. It is introducing new players while revealing what exactly happened to Boba after the Sarlacc encounter. As tensions start brewing, Boba has to now sleep with one eye open as his enemies are making a move on his territory. The new Daimyo has his hands full for the moment. But he is about to get another shock. In fact, all the Boba Fett fans are about to get one if this Book Of Boba Fett theory is true. According to this Book of Boba Fett Theory, the real villains are not the Pyke syndicate. It is Qi’ra and the Crimson Dawn.


Here’s why we believe this Book of Boba Fett theory holds water.

The Pyke Syndicate Is Too Small To Be A Real Threat

The Pykes

The show has taken huge pains to ensure and show the Pyke syndicate are a force of nature. But every Star wars fans worth his salt would know that this group is best at playing second fiddle. They are never seen as serious threats. Fleshing them out and showing them in a different, graver tone will not erase decades of build up that already exists. Also, when you realize the Hutts are also a part of the equation, it totally changes things. The Hutts would never back out of a planet because they are scared of the Pykes. That is totally untrue because they hold much more power than the Pyke syndicate.

Return Of Maul’s Legacy

Maybe the show is just trying to reveal the villain at the very end like its sister series – The Mandalorian, did. There are still a few more episodes to go for Boba Fett. So maybe the real villain aka crimson Dawn, comes out of the shadows later on. A major clash is in order – between Boba Fett’s faction and the Pyke Syndicate’s benefactor – Crimson Dawn.

Book Of Boba Fett Theory – Enter The Crimson Dawn


Thanks to the Pyke Syndicate reveal at the end of the third episode, we now have some solid proof to connect the show to Crimson Dawn. It is common knowledge that the Pykes and the Crimson Dawn were once allies under Darth Maul‘s Shadow Collective. After Obi-Wan Kenobi dispatched Maul, the Collective lost steam and Crimson Dawn and the Pyke Syndicate branched away to work independently. But sometimes the two factions still join forces and trade with each other given their familial roots.

Crimson Dawn

When Qi’ra took control of Crimson Dawn, she invited the Pykes to the auction for Han Solo’s Carbonite form. The Hutts, by themselves, have an empire that can easily crush the Pyke Syndicate. But things change when the Crimson Dawn is involved. The Hutts have battled the crime syndicate already and they know they too hold incredible influence and power just like they do. If it were just the Pykes, the Twins would have never left Tatooine. But with Qi’ra and the Crimson Dawn coming into the fold, a major power-play is in order.


Qi’ra Is The Perfect Villain

Emilia Clarke

Despite Solo being a lackluster affair, it does have a major fan following. Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra coming to Book Of Boba Fett would only help the movie’s lore move ahead as more and more Star Wars shows come forth. After Boba Fett, Clarke’s Qi’ra could make an appearance in other shows like Ahsoka too, cementing her character’s value in the future of Star Wars as a franchise. If this Book of Boba Fett Theory is indeed true, Crimson Dawn could become a major player in the galaxy far, far away in the days to come.

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