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Borat Star Sacha Baron Cohen Rumored to Be Cast as Mephisto in Upcoming Ironheart Series

Sacha Baron Cohen rumored to play Mephisto in Ironheart.

Mephisto, the devil, may make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut sooner rather than later. Marvel is known for its perfect, if not great castings, and so it has done it once again. There’s a chance that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get a new villain in Ironheart, and it could be Sacha Baron Cohen.

Mephisto in the Marvel Comics
Mephisto in the Marvel Comics

You heard that right. Whatever you think of it, the report, published by the Twitter account Geek Vibes Nation, suggests that Sacha Baron Cohen would play a “version of Mephisto” in Riri Williams’ next solo series.

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Mephisto rumors in the MCU

Marvel’s notorious devil’s rumor mill was in full swing during the runs of MCU shows like WandaVision and Loki, as speculations about the demonic Marvel villain swamped the Internet. Because Mephisto is one of the few Marvel villains terrifying enough to successfully step into Thanos’ role as a serious threat to the entire universe.

Fans analyzed those shows and their accompanying materials for potential hints concerning the villain’s purported existence in the MCU. While none of these theories came true, the king of hell’s panic was evident, albeit in the wrong direction.

Mephisto, Marvel's King of Hell
Mephisto, Marvel’s King of Hell

WandaVision was the focus of the most recent Mephisto rumors. Before Agatha Harkness was shown to be manipulating Wanda’s magic to curse the little New Jersey town of West View, Mephisto appeared to be a potential contender.

Showrunner Jac Schaeffer remarked that the program never needed a villain to pull the strings from the shadows and that Wanda dealing with her grief and suffering spawned by Vision’s death was more than enough of an opponent.

Similarly, in the first episode, Loki sparked speculations about Mephisto. Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, was presented while standing beneath a stained glass window depicting a demonic person with red skin and horns.

Loki episode 1 teased the Devil
Loki episode 1 teased the Devil

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Despite the popularity of the notion, the showrunners dismissed the devil’s allegations and stated that the stained glass image was simply an allusion to Loki himself, according to director Kate Heron. “It’s honestly just a super weird coincidence,” Heron added. “Like, it’s genuinely a reference to Loki — the horns, he was cast out of heaven, that’s what it’s a reference to.”

The devil has made various notable appearances in the Marvel comics, alongside heroes such as the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man.

Sacha Baron Cohen as the Mephisto

A few days back it was reported that Sacha Baron Cohen was rumored to be cast as The Hood in Ironheart, who in turn would transform into a “version of Dormamu”. However, according to new reports by Twitter user Geek Vibes nation, The Dictator actor will be playing the demon Mephisto in the upcoming Marvel series, Ironheart.

Sacha Boran Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen

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The casting is unironically perfect. Although, it’s odd that Mephisto’s first appearance in the MCU would be in Ironheart. Still, fans hope that Borat star, Sacha Baron Cohen does make it up for the role. The versatile actor is known for many well-known films.

Ironheart is set to debut on Disney+ in late 2023.

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