Boruto: Orochimaru Uses Edo Tensei to Bring Back Jiraiya, Itachi from the Dead to Destroy the Otsutsuki in Fan Made Video

Itachi and Jiraiya are revived in order to fight against the alien clan Ōtsutsuki in a fan-made animation video.

Boruto: Orochimaru Uses Edo Tensei to Bring Back Jiraiya, Itachi from the Dead to Destroy the Otsutsuki in Fan Made Video


  • The sequel to 'Naruto' focuses on the adventures of Boruto Uzumaki and his friends.
  • Itachi Uchiha and Jiraiya are very fan-favorite characters from the 'Naruto' franchise.
  • One famous fan animation brought Jiraiya back alongside Itachi to fight Ōtsutsuki.
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With the culmination of Naruto, fans were expecting to not see their favorite characters again; nonetheless, to their astonishment, a sequel focusing on the adventures of Boruto Uzumaki was disclosed. Fans were delighted to see the continuation; however, they were dispirited by the sequel, which had poor animation and unstable writing.

Jiraiya from Naruto
Jiraiya from Naruto

One of the essential reasons for Boruto’s downfall was its animation; it was very flaky and not up to par. Somehow, fan-made animations had better and more profound storytelling and quality. Fan animations have enhanced drastically in the last few years, and one of the fan animations brought back Jiraiya and many other past members of Konoha for a conclusive battle against the Ōtsutsuki.

Jiraiya and Itachi make a return to Boruto in a fan-animation

Carrying forward the legacy of a globally known and adored show like Naruto was a difficult task, and the expectations from Boruto were very high from the get-go. However, due to the vast contraction between the Boruto and Naruto storylines, fans were unable to immerse themselves in the story.


As the series continued, the show’s quality deteriorated further, and numerous fillers made it even worse for the fans. Boruto is often deemed one of the most terrible shows ever created.

Over the years, fan animations have seen a significant enhancement in their quality. The storyline is also very bewitching, and you might even mix up the official anime and fan animations sometimes. 

The foremost reason for the widespread success of fan animations is the decision to focus on Naruto as the main character instead of Boruto, and therefore fans can see many possible scenarios, which include the previous generation as well.


In one of the fan-animation videos produced by SMN, Naruto has been dealt a massive blow by the Ōtsutsuki, who have commenced a full-scale intrusion on Konoha. To form resistance to these powerful enemies, he is forced to bring back many characters from the dead, including names such as Itachi and his sensei Jiraiya, with the help of Edo Tensei.

A still from the SMN video

In an attempt to stop the Ōtsutsuki, the most powerful clan in the franchise, Naruto, with the help of Orochimaru, summons all the previous Hokages as well as the strongest Uchiha clan members, such as Obito and Shisui. Akaktsuki and every other strong individual have been summoned to fight against the Ōtsutsuki in the fan animation.

What is the plot of Boruto?

The epicenter of the sequel is Boruto Uzumaki, who is the polar opposite of his father. He grew up with everything and yet went on to lose everyone he held dear to him. Labeled a traitor by his village and friends for killing his parents and being treated as a criminal, Boruto has seen quite a fall.


The show concentrates on Boruto as he endeavors to move out of his father’s shadow, deemed the savior of the Shinobi world, as he tries to carve out a trail for himself in which he doesn’t draw comparisons to his father in any way.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 ending
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 ending

However, life is not easy for him since Kawaki sealed Naruto and Hinata in a different dimension and hailed Boruto as their killer. The manga is currently on a heated run, is #1 on many different sites, and has seen immense advancement.

Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto were the writers of Boruto; however, Masashi Kishimoto took over the reins again after Volume 13, and since then, the series has become a fan favorite.


Watch the journey of Uzumaki Boruto on Crunchyroll.


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