Bourne 5: Matt Damon Passing the Torch to Younger Stranger Things Star as Oscar Winner Hits 54 in 2024? New Report Hints a Successor

Matt Damon might pass on the baton to Netflix's Stranger Things star!

bourne 5: matt damon passing the torch to younger stranger things star as oscar winner hits 54 in 2024? new report hints a successor


  • Matt Damon's iconic Jason Bourne franchise seems to have allegedly found a new lead actor for the role.
  • A rumor indicates that Damon may pass on the baton of Jason Bourne to a certain Netflix star who became quite famous recently!
  • The rumor does make sense for the franchise but fans do not want to see Matt Damon moving on from the beloved series.
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It seems that the time for the OG actors to pass on the baton to the newer generation is finally here. With Matt Damon portraying the iconic role of Jason Bourne, it seems that the time for passing the torch to another younger actor is here.


A recent rumor states that the next protagonist of the Jason Bourne franchise is known for Netflix’s iconic series Stranger Things. With the actor becoming famous for his role in season 4, fans are two-sided about the change of heroes.

Matt Damon's training regimen (for the Jason Bourne movie)
Matt Damon’s training regimen (for the Jason Bourne movie)

Matt Damon Might Pass The Torch To A Younger Actor!

The Jason Bourne franchise is quite an iconic one in itself. Matt Damon, the lead actor who portrays the role of the assassin might just pass on the torch to a much younger actor. Although none of it is confirmed, there are speculations that the new actor might just be from Stranger Things.


Joseph Quinn, the actor known for portraying the role of Eddie Munson in Netflix’s Stranger Things, found worldwide fame for his role in the series. Getting so much attention from around the world, it seems that the actor will be the next Jason Bourne after Matt Damon passes on the franchise.

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

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Taking to X (formerly Twitter), an account by the name of CoveredGeekly reported that Joseph Quinn is the latest actor in line to take on the role of Jason Bourne. The rumor states that Quinn will reportedly play the lead role in the upcoming film Bourne 5. 


Well, it does make sense to get Joseph Quinn as the lead in the franchise since he is a budding actor and has received immense fame in a short span of time. In an interview, Quinn talked about how he was selected for the role of Eddie Munson in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

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Ridley Scott Didn’t Care For Matt Damon’s Interstellar Role

Matt Damon in Ridley Scott's The Martian
Matt Damon in Ridley Scott’s The Martian

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Matt Damon has a weird knack for getting stranded in places. Starring in films like The Martian, Interstellar, and, Saving Private Ryan, Damon has been stranded in several iconic locations. Matt Damon, who worked with director Ridley Scott on the sets of The Martian, revealed to GQ that Scott didn’t care about his similar role in Interstellar.

“That was the first thing I said to Ridley [Scott]…Interstellar had not yet come out and it was not a big part, but I am a guy alone on a planet and I don’t know if I should follow it up with a guy who is alone on a planet.”

He further continued,

“Ridley goes, ‘Nobody gives a  f**k about that’. I’m glad he said that to me because I took the leap…”

Although Matt Damon has a ton of fame to his name, the world surely hopes that Damon wouldn’t pass on the baton to Joseph Quinn yet. The Jason Bourne franchise is available to rent on Apple TV+ in the U.S.


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