“Boy’s got some beautiful blue eyes”: Ayo Edebiri Admiring ‘The Bear’ Co-star Jeremy Allen White Has Fans Excited For All the Wrong Reasons

Ayo Edebiri's remarks about The Bear co-star Jeremy Allen White sparks fan speculation.

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  • The Bear stars Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White have become a fan-favorite in the comedy series.
  • The actress recently shared admiration for her co-star, while gushing over his beautiful eyes.
  • Edebiri's remarks have further fueled fans' excitement, who have been eager to see them together on the show.
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Portraying the chefs and business partners in the Emmy-winning TV series The Bear, Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White have become a fan-favorite duo in the show, so much so that fans have started to ship the pair and are eager to see them together on the show. Edebiri, however, has not been very enthusiastic about the idea, calling it “frustrating.”

Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White in The Bear
The Bear | Credit: FX Networks

But it doesn’t seem to have bothered fans in any way, as they have once again started raising ‘Syd & Carmy’ flags following the 28-year-old actress’ recent remarks, as she expressed her admiration for her co-star’s beautiful blue eyes.

Ayo Edebiri Gushes Over Her Co-Star’s Beautiful Eyes

In a recent conversation with Vanity Fair, The Bear stars shared compliments. Ayo Edebiri, who portrays Sydney Adamu in the series, reflected on the intimate nature of her work, stating that it “invokes feelings of passion.”

Ayo Edebiri won an Emmy for her performance in The Bear
Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu | Credit: FX

Work can be a very intimate thing and a very personal thing and a very emotional thing, and I think when you’re also in industries that are creative or creative adjacent, I think there’s something that also invokes feelings of passion.

The actress further expressed her admiration for her co-star, Jeremy Allen White’s beautiful blue eyes, saying that she finds them captivating and inspiring. “Also, boy’s got some beautiful blue eyes,” she said before adding, “Those are eyes you want to project onto.”

Allen White also shared a mutual admiration for his co-star, as he said that they enjoy each other’s company off-screen as much as they do on the show. “We really enjoy each other in life, on camera and off camera,” he told Vanity Fair.

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear [Credit FX]
Jeremy Allen White as Carmy | Credit: FX
“I have a tremendous amount of respect for her as a person, but also as an artist,” the Emmy-winning actor said, while expressing his hope to reflect the same dynamic between Syd and Carmy on the show as well.


Fans React to Ayo Edebiri’s Remarks About Jeremy Allen White

Ayo Edebiri reflecting on their work and admiring her co-star’s eyes has caught fans’ attention, however, the actress might not find it too amusing. The Bear fans, who have been eager to see Syd and Carmy together on the show, took to X (Twitter) to share their excitement.



“Are they in love?” one fan said, with others continuing to share their enthusiastic reaction regarding the popular shipping, Syd and Carmy. “Is she prep and priming us for a romance finally? Because I am all aboard I’m in,” another X (Twitter) user said.

However, the Emmy-winning actress does not feel the same about the fan shipping, and has described them as “frustrating.” In a 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Edebiri reflected on such fan theories, saying,


It’s really not our thought process when we’re making the show, and I understand it can be part of a show’s culture — but I don’t think they’re going to get what they want.

Syd and Carmy in The Bear
Syd and Carmy in The Bear | Credit: FX

Both actors have received widespread acclaim for their performance in the comedy series, with each earning an Emmy. They are set to reprise their respective roles in the upcoming third season of the show, which is set to premiere later this month.

The Bear is available to stream on Hulu and Season 3 is set to premiere on June 27, 2024. 


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