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Boys Wanting To Be Spider-Man Bitten By Spider

Peter Parker gained the agility and strength of an arachnid after being bitten by a radioactive spider. He then adopted the moniker ‘Spider-Man’ and the rest is history.

Having clearly been inspired by the famous superhero, three young boys decided it was their turn to gain superpowers.

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In the town of Chayanta, Bolivia, the boys were looking after a herd of sheep when they stumbled across a black widow.

No, not the Russian spy Black Widow, but the deadly, venomous spider black widow.

They began poking the spider with a stick, in order to encourage it to attack. The spider obliged and bit all three of them.

They were found by their mother a few minutes later in severe pain, as well as with muscle spasms and abdominal cramps.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing

It took a while for them to receive the correct treatment and were transferred between three hospitals. However, they have since been released after recovering.

The black widow is notorious for being one of the deadliest insects in the world. Yet, it rarely attacks humans.

There hasn’t been a black widow spider death in America since 1983. Even though, there are roughly around 2,200 bites per year.

In this case, it’s clear it was provoked into an attack. And, unfortunately for the kids, it didn’t result in any superpowers.

Source: Freaked

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