Brace Yourselves Because The Boys Season 4 is Officially Entering Production

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“Don’t You Worry. Daddy’s Home.” The don’t-give-a-damn but absolutely charming William Butcher will be back with The Boys in what is now a confirmed fourth season as the gory supe vs humans fiesta continues. The previous three seasons have been absolutely amazing, with the fan base (who are mostly Billy Butcher fanatics) growing day by day as Amazon okays the follow-up to the third season.


The Boys has surely come a long way—from being a niche comic book series to one of the most-viewed shows on Amazon Prime Video, with a whopping 8 million total viewers for the first season alone- and it does not plan to slow down.

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The Boys, a group of eponymous vigilantes

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So What’s On The Menu For The Boys Season 4?

Karl Urban will be back as Billy Butcher, that’s for sure, but who are the newest additions to the casting list?

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L to R: Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, and Anthony Starr, who plays Homelander. They’re arch-enemies in the show.

We haven’t been updated with any interesting details (yet) about the premise of the fourth season, but there will certainly be new additions to the vast cast of The Boys, and it includes two new supes!

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Valorie Curry from Kara has been cast as Firecracker, and Susan Heyward from Orange Is the New Black is assuming the role of Sister Sage.

That’s two new supes for The Boys to worry about, or will the supes be taking their side? Only the fourth season can tell.

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Karl Urban Was First To Tell Us The Good News Though

Billy Butcher is reckless and couldn’t bother at all about doing things peacefully, maybe that has transferred onto Karl Urban in his everyday life?

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Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys

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Earlier in March this year, Karl Urban sat down with Variety to talk about The Boys and a few other things. One of the first things he did in the interview was to conveniently let out a confirmation for the fourth season of the TV series, he said-


“I’m shooting ‘The Boys’ through the end of the year.”

This is quite hilarious because the official confirmation about renewing the show came from Amazon only in June this year, 2 months after the interview.

It’s interesting to know that Urban is as comical as his on-screen counterpart. Here’s to the fourth season, which we hope comes out by next year.

The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.


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