‘I Have Passed on some Major hits’: Brad Pitt Reveals On His Life Regrets For Turning Down Some Major Roles In His Hollywood Career

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Brad Pitt is one of the biggest examples in the industry that proves great stars can also be amazing actors. Working in the industry for so many years, he has found the perfect balance between both popcorn entertainment blockbusters as well as character-driven dramas. But it seems that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor also has some regrets regarding his choices. In a recent interview, the actor talked about how he had turned down some major hit movies in his career.

Brad Pitt talks about saying no to films
Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt on turning down big roles:

Brad Pitt is currently busy promoting his latest action comedy Bullet Train which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, and Sandra Bullock in major roles. During one of these promotions only, when he was spotted with his co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in an interview, he revealed how he has said no to big projects in the past.

Brad Pitt emphasizes on the importance of no
Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

In the interview conducted by BBC Radio 1, the show let the young journalists from the UK ask questions to both the stars to which one of them asked if they have said no to working in a movie to which Brad Pitt smartly explained the importance of ‘no’ in life:

“‘No’, it’s the strongest word we have, it’s more important to what we say no to than what we say yes to. We have to say no 10,20,30 times before we find a yes”  

Following this, when the host twisted the question a little further to ask if he has some regrets about the movies he turned down, the actor revealed that he has turned down some major roles. Brad Pitt answered that although he did pass some major hits, he isn’t sure of having any regrets because the actor that ended up doing them made the movie theirs:

The Interviewer: Could you tell me any regrets?

Brad Pitt: I’ve passed on some major hits. No, because whatever actor ended up doing it, it’s theirs


So it seems like although the actor has passed some huge roles, he is content with the work he has done.

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Some Major hits which were turned down by Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt talks about how he rejected major hits
Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to regret much about the movies he rejected

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There are numerous big hits that the Bullet Train actor turned down in his career due to several issues. Just like the list of movies, he has done, the list of movies that he rejected is also equally interesting. He rejected some notable works like The Matrix, Apollo 13, and Bourne Identity. He also turned down one of the best movies ever made in Hollywood, The Shawshank Redemption. 

These are some of the most notable works turned down by the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actor, but the works he did are also some of the most memorable movies made in Hollywood.

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Source: BBC Radio 1

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