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Brad Pitt Reportedly Bringing Close Friend Sandra Bullock Out of Retirement for $239M Sequel With Barbie Star Margot Robbie 

Brad Pitt Reportedly Bringing Close Friend Sandra Bullock Out of Retirement for $239M Sequel With Barbie Star Margot Robbie 

Exciting news is buzzing at Sony Pictures, as the sequel to the action-packed 2022 film Bullet Train, is in development. The highly anticipated sequel will see the dynamic duo’s return, Brad Pitt as the hapless courier Ladybug and Sandra Bullock as his capable handler, Maria Beetle. 

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train
Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

Fans can anticipate another thrilling ride in the fast-paced world of Bullet Train. According to reliable sources, the sequel promises a fresh dose of adrenaline-fueled excitement as Ladybug potentially encounters a new array of vibrant and lethal adversaries. While details remain fluid, the grapevine suggests that negotiations are underway with the talented Margot Robbie to join the stellar cast.

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Brad Pitt Reportedly Wants Margot Robbie In The Film

Sony Pictures is revving up for Bullet Train 2, a highly anticipated sequel to the adrenaline-fueled 2022 film. The charismatic duo of Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock will reprise their roles as the bumbling courier Ladybug and his capable handler Maria Beetle. According to reliable sources, this action-packed David Leitch film is set to embark on a thrilling sequel, pitting Pitt’s character against a fresh ensemble of vibrant and dangerous adversaries. 

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Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt
Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt

While official details remain under wraps, speculation is rife that the immensely talented Margot Robbie is in talks to join the star-studded cast. Fans can prepare for another exhilarating journey aboard the Bullet Train.

A noteworthy connection arises as Margot Robbie, who recently appeared alongside Brad Pitt in the 2022 Hollywood satire Babylon, is now potentially joining Bullet Train 2. This suggests a potential collaborative bond they may seek to carry into the sequel. However, it’s worth mentioning that Babylon faced significant critical and commercial disappointment. Considering this, it remains to be seen if the duo aims to avoid reproducing any negative energy from their previous project helmed by Damien Chazelle. 

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What Will Be The Sequel To Bullet Train About

Anticipations are running high for Bullet Train 2, with expectations of a thrilling blend of intense action and dark humor akin to its predecessor. Director David Leitch, renowned for his expertise in crafting exhilarating sequences, will again be at the helm, ensuring a pulse-pounding experience. Leitch’s illustrious track record includes his uncredited co-direction of the original John Wick film alongside Chad Stahelski. 

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Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson in Bullet Train

He further solidified his reputation with notable solo directorial ventures like Deadpool 2, the Charlize Theron starrer Atomic Blonde, and the action-packed Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbes & Shaw. Bullet Train, which originated from the novel Maria Beetle by Japanese author Kōtarō Isaka, was a sequel to the book 3 Assassins

The literary world expanded further with a subsequent manga series called Waltz. With this rich source material at hand, it becomes evident that Bullet Train 2 has ample material to explore for the continued escapades of Brad Pitt’s iconic bucket-hatted courier. The anticipation mounts as fans eagerly await to see which new characters and thrilling narratives will join the journey this time around. The possibilities are boundless, and we can only patiently wait to embark on the next exhilarating ride.

Bullet Train is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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