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‘Can celebs stop with these stupid skincare lines’: Brad Pitt Gets Slammed for His New ‘Genderless’ Skincare Line Le Domaine

Brad Pitt Gets Slammed for His New 'Genderless' Skincare Line Le Domaine

In the middle of the whole drama with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has decided to launch a genderless skincare brand, Li Domaine. The actor has been engaged in a lawsuit with his ex-wife related to the vineyard the couple purchased in 2012. Now, Pitt has developed skincare essentials with Château Beaucastel vintners. While talking about its development, Brad Pitt said that this has been incredible. He also said that they’ve been discussing it for so long he doesn’t exactly remember when the idea struck him for the first time.

Story Behind Brad Pitt's Luxury Label
Brad Pitt

In his interview, Pitt said that he remembers reading about the health properties of grape skins. He also shared that he wouldn’t have done anything like this unless there was something original and valid that worked. But after the testing for the projects started, he was surprised with the results, and that’s when he decided to go ahead with the brand. He also said that he was inspired by what Gwyneth Paltrow did with Goop, and wanted to create something like that. 

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Brad Pitt Launches a New Skincare Line, Le Domaine

The actor seems happy and satisfied with the launch of the new skincare brand. However, when asked for a product demonstration Pitt replied, “I’m not doing that.” Well, it was surprising for the actor feeling uncomfortable demonstrating his own skincare brand. 

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

As many celebrities have launched skin care products, it might be what seems to be getting people to react to this new brand in not so positive way. 

This would be not the first time a Hollywood celebrity has launched a skincare line. There are multiple skincare brands available, including Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and so many more. A long list of celebrity skincare brands has started taking a toll on people. It can be easily justified by the reaction Brad Pitt’s skincare line is getting.

People are calling out the actor for launching a series of expensive and useless lines of products. People even called him out for trying to copy Gwyneth Paltrow.

People started tweeting about how they will not consider buying these products and how they were tired of this. Many even commented that the actor himself needs to try it first. Here are some of the tweets from people discussing the newly launched skincare line Brad Pitt.

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Problems With Celebrities Launching Skincare Brands

Currently, a huge variety of skincare brands and products is available in the market. Every other ray, a new celebrity is announcing their skincare line or adding more products to the already established brands. This does not only cause the denial from people who end up saying, “We don’t need this, we also don’t want this, nobody asked for this.”

Brad Pitt Launches New Skincare Brand, Le Domaine
Brad Pitt Launches New Skincare Brand, Le Domaine

According to a report from beauty reporter Jessica DeFino, the beauty industry annually produces more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging, most of which are not recyclable. It also points out the extensive cultivation due to the high demand for palm oil, which results in deforestation, wildlife extinction, and climate change.

Brad Pitt Launches New Skincare Brand, Le Domaine
Brad Pitt Launches New Skincare Brand, Le Domaine

The reporter also suggests a solution for all this is to not launch any more new brands. She mentioned that there are a lot of brands that are addressing the issues in the beauty industry, and these celebs can straight-up join their established brands instead of adding more to them.

Angelina Jolie’s Former Company Files Lawsuit Against Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been continuously making headlines for one thing or another. His ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s former company has recently filed a lawsuit for $250 million. The lawsuit claimed that Brad Pitt took full control of the French winery the couple bought together.

Brad Pitt has still not said anything about the claims made by the company. Now, with the launch of his new skincare brand, the actor might be hoping to move forward. But the reaction it is getting is not what he may have expected.

Brad Pitt emphasizes on the importance of no
Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

In his vogue UK interview, he said, “The older I get the more I think about the quality of life and time expenditure, and I sure would like to point it more in this direction.” 

After appearing in Bullet Train, Brad Pitt will be returning to the box office with Babylon, which is set to release on December 25, 2022. 

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