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Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie: Is Brad Pitt Truly So Despicable or Is Angelina Jolie Playing the Victim Card to Fool Everyone?

brad pitt vs angelina joulie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both top-notch Hollywood stars. Both have impressive filmography records and are one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in the United States. They reportedly got involved in the early 2000s after working on the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, together. They were together for around 12 years and were married for 2. Once the numero uno couple in Hollywood, the pair quickly fell apart and their dispute became ugly and public.

The latest development in this sorry tale is a massive $250 million suit filed by a company founded by Angelina Jolie against Brad Pitt. This is a colossal escalation that would make things worse for the ex-couple.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: A Timeline of Their Relationship

brad pitt and angelina jolie
The ex-couple

The stars met on the sets of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004. At that time, Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston and Jolie was freshly divorced. The couple found love and the very next year Brad Pitt filed for divorce with Aniston. That same year, Pitt and Jolie were photographed together on a vacation in Kenya. Soon after, they adopted a child from Ethiopia. Early next year, the couple announced that they were expecting a child and their first biological daughter was born in 2006. In 2008, the couple was expecting twins and their union seemed blissful.

Things became even better in 2012 when the pair announced their engagement and got secretly married in France a couple of years down the line. In 2015 they starred in a film together titled By the Sea, the film was directed by Angelina Jolie herself. However, things took a turn for the worse when in 2016, Jolie filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Bad news never stopped after that, and Brad Pitt was accused of abusing one of his kids (although he was cleared by the authorities later).

To keep their divorce proceedings private, they hired a private judge to adjudicate their separation. Accusations started flying both ways. Early this year, Pitt sued Jolie for selling off her interest in their 20-million-dollar co-owned French winery.

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The Latest Development of This Saga

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at an event.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at an event.

Things have sadly snowballed into a huge fight. The latest development in this story is a whopping $250 million suit filed by a company founded by Angelina Jolie against Brad Pitt. The allegation is that Pitt with his associates tried to wrest control of the said French winery that the couple co-owned. This, Jolie’s representatives allege was done in retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings and to ensure Jolie was deprived of the profits from the business.

This suit would make things worse and draw the ex-couple into a public and messy feud that would be bad for both.

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Who’s Right? and Who’s Wrong?

BradJoliePitt FTR
Brad Pitt with ex-wife Angelina Jolie

Over the long timeline of the couple’s involvement with each other, many allegations and counter allegations were made. Suits filed and court battles waged. Brad Pitt was accused of serious charges, although he was cleared of them later. This is one example of a far too common problem seen in Hollywood. Mega-rich couples fall in love, marry and then fight over money and assets, forgetting their children. The on-screen stars who seem so perfect in the cinema halls are anything but. What ails such couples is the publicity their feud often brings. This often worsens their fight. Sadly, things, in this case, seem to be heading towards an escalation.

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