One of Brad Pitt’s Worst Films Spawned a Game that Effectively Caused Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 to Be Greenlit

That kind of sounds like the battle of Wakanda, with Tyranids.

brad pitt, warhammer 40k: space marine 2


  • Warhammer 40k: Space Marine was released by Saber Interactive 13 years ago, featuring Ultramarines.
  • Another of their games based on the popular novel and film, World War Z, came out in 2019.
  • The sequel to Space Marine was inspired by the zombie game, as the company's creative director revealed.
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The Brad Pitt starrer World War Z isn’t a staple of the zombie genre, but it did inspire the upcoming sequel of Saber Interactive’s Space Marine in a way. Not that the game has anything to do with zombies, but it did give a go to the 2019’s game of the same name, which eventually turned out to be a pivotal player for Space Marine‘s gameplay.


We aren’t going to see the game hitting shelves until September 2024, but the trailer gave pretty much a good idea of what’s in store for gamers. Ultramarine lieutenant Titus will return from the original game to face the enemy faction called the Tyranids.

Brad Pitt and What a Movie He Starred in Inspired

The original game was released 13 years ago.
The original game was released 13 years ago.

Every game has its inspiration in some form, some of them came from other video games; some excel at ideas, while others leave fans thinking the original source is better. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 was inspired by a universe created in 2006 and adapted by films and video games later.


Saber Interactive creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick shared how the game’s idea came into being. Though it was for its gameplay rather than the narrative. While talking to Prankster 101, he told them about an incident that gave birth to the concept. When they were in the Games Workshop’s headquarters, they showed them their 2019 game. The team then pitched the idea.

okay, now imagine that instead of zombies, you’ve got tyranids.

It was as simple as that, and they loved the idea for the upcoming hack-and-slash game. Now, Titus will be accompanied by Chairon and Gadriel as they tear Tyranids limb by limb in the continuation of the story.

Things Only Got Better if We Take a Look at The Chain of Events

Space Marine 2's inspiration goes back to Brad Pitt's 2013 film.
Space Marine 2‘s inspiration goes back to a 2013 film starring Brad Pitt.

While Saber Interactive’s 2019 game was a success, we cannot exactly say this about the movie. However, it still managed to beat the expenses it incurred during the development. Looking at this closely, things have gotten better since the movie came out.


The movie was decent, the game that followed in 2019 was better, and now Space Marine 2 appears promising. Well, at least that should be true after seeing the trailer. Unlike the game, the Brad Pitt starrer movie never had a sequel. But the novel, without a shadow of a doubt, is the crown holder here.

However, that doesn’t go without saying the Space Marine doesn’t have scope for improvement, and some fans have already highlighted some aspects they would like to be changed. The game was originally scheduled for release last year but was delayed given the need to polish the game.

It has been nearly 13 years since the original game came into being, so naturally, the expectations are really high for the game. All of it will be cleared this year; the game is just three months away from release.


What are you expecting from the Space Marine sequel? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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