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‘Brainiac, then work towards Darkseid’: DC Fans Demand James Gunn Bring Thanos Level Villain to DCU After Cleaning the Slate

'Brainiac, then work towards Darkseid': DC Fans Demand James Gunn Bring Thanos Level Villain to DCU After Cleaning the Slate

As everyone knows by now, DCU is going through what seems like a massive reboot, all thanks to the new c0-heads, James Gunn and Peter Safran. With Henry Cavill officially removed as the universe’s Superman and a lot of other projects’ futures being uncertain, who knows where the DCU is headed next?

James Gunn was also blamed for alleged Warner Bros. Discovery stock fall.
James Gunn

Fans, however, have their list of demands all ready to go. While dealing with whatever is happening at the studios hasn’t exactly been a smooth path for a lot of OG fans of the superhero universe, it seems like some already know what they want going ahead. And no, they aren’t talking about new superheroes getting introduced to the DCU, instead, they’re looking forward to seeing a bunch of new and scarier villains, including Brainiac!

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DCU Fans Want James Gunn to Bring Brainiac to the DCU


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A Twitter user asked fans of the DC Universe, which never-seen-before villains would they like James Gunn to incorporate in his new slate for the future of DCU. There were quite a few suggestions from fans including, Mongul, Livewire, Red Lanterns, and more. However, there seemed to be a name that trumped all with respect to how many fans want to see this character make his way to the screens of DCU – Brainiac.

Amongst the list of potential DCU villains, there were a few fans that gave a rather hilarious addition to the list. Looks like fans haven’t been able to forgive Gunn for the Superman debacle as they nominate the director himself to play the villain in the movie.

It seems as if fans are ready for their superheroes to face off against great threats in the upcoming films. Maybe it’s up to the supervillains to save the DC Studios, this time?

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Did Brainiac Almost Made his Way to the DCU?

Superman and Brainiac
Superman and Brainiac

To fans of DCU’s on-screen projects that aren’t well-versed with the comic books, Brainiac is an alien cyborg who is one of Superman’s greatest foes and subsequently amongst the main enemies of Justice League. The supervillain has “12th level intelligence” owing to which he has great calculation abilities and memory of astronomical level. He is also known as the Collector of Worlds as he shrinks down cities of different worlds and keeps them in jars just like he did with the city of Kandor.

Apparently, the green-colored alien cyborg almost got his spotlight in the Man of Steel sequel that never happened. According to the sources of The Hollywood Reporter, should the sequel had come to fruition, Brainiac was all set to be the main antagonist, fighting Henry Cavill’s Superman.

As suggested by The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, Brainiac was somehow going to be a part of the DC Universe. It wouldn’t be surprising if the current regime plans on officially making him a part of the universe, considering that he is one of the comics’ most loved villains and that he is already fans’ choice for DCU’s mega-villain. Only time will tell if the high-tech cyborg will be coming to fight DCU’s superheroes or not.

Source: Twitter

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