Brand New Birds of Prey Trailer Released

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Warner Brothers Pictures has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming film Birds of Prey


The new movie is part of DC’s 2020 slate of movies along with the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 84.

The trailer gives us more on the explanation of the plot and explains the motive of each character. We see Ewan McGregor actually wearing the black mask from the comics and some cool new looks at Huntress and Harley Quinn.


Some shots of the trailer include nods for DC fans such as the ACE chemicals building and Black Canary’s sonic scream.  The trailer also gives shows off more of the comedic vibes as we see Harley naming her Hyena Bruce after “that hunky Wayne guy.”

The trailer also raises some questions to be answered in the film with Harley saying that The Joker broke up with her and that Black Mask wants to kill her.

The exact reason why this is happening is, of course, unclear as fans have to wait and see until the actual film comes out for their questions to be answered.  It is safe to say however with this new trailer that the hype for Birds of Prey has shot through the roof. 


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Now only time will tell whether the movie will have a positive or negative reception. However based on this trailer and the success of Joker, Aquaman, and Shazam!, fans are hoping for another smash hit from DC.

Are you excited for Birds of Prey? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!


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