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Brazilian Artist Shows The Daily Life Of Superheroes In His New Comics

“Life Is A Locomotion Keep On Moving”

Have you ever pondered upon as to what our superheroes would be doing when they are not trying to save the universe?
Imagine what their daily lives and their daily routines would look like?
Moreover, what are the troubles that our beloved superheroes have to face in their daily life-style as regular people?
It was all finally revealed by a Brazilian artist named Lucas Nascimento, who also goes by the name dragonart.
He made one of the funniest comics ever.
In his bizarre comics, Lucas illustrates the daily lives of our beloved superheroes and their strange and funny scuffle they have to face as ordinary people. Sounds fun…
Scroll down to see the list compiled by the FandomWire Staff yourself.

1. Since When Has Batman Been Bullet Proof:

2. Common Suit Problems Bats VS Spidey:

3. God Dam Where The Heck Is My Shield!!

4. It’s 2020 Al:

5. Could You Please Hurry Up…

6. That’s How The Thing Takes A Massage:

7. Now It’s Perfect Gohan:

8. Who’s this Beauty??

9. Hurry Up Bat’s I Need To Change Really Quick:

10. Best Way To Torture Sups In The Morning:

11. The Pillow War:

12. Bad Dreams…

13. The Perfect Use Of The Suit:

14. Batman Making Full Use Of His Batarangs:

15. World’s Fastest Man With Worlds Slowest Animal As His Pet!!

Source: Hidrėlėy

Written by FandomWire Staff

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