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Breaking Bad: Snarkiest Jesse Quotes

Breaking Bad Snarkiest Jesse Quotes

Jesse’s passionate storyline found some conclusion this year with the arrival of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, however his experience on Breaking Bad provided fans with a wealth of funny statements. Here are some of the best.

Yeah Science!


Getting down the list is one of Jesse’s most notable statements in all of Breaking Bad. For the primary two or three seasons on Breaking Bad Jesse was introduced as a somewhat stupid accomplice of Walt that was utilized for comedic help.

In the show’s first season, Walter lets Tuco Salamanca know that they will actually want to create four pounds of meth every conveyance, which leaves the unique couple in trouble since they don’t approach that numerous sinus pills. Walt tells Jesse they won’t require pseudoephedrine since he has different plans. Jesse shouts, “Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science.”

Yeah B****! Magnets!


In the primary portion of season 5, Jesse and Walt run into trouble as the Albuquerque police division has to implicate proof as a PC. While trying to obliterate/take the proof, Jesse is utilizing a magnet, which turns out to be the triumphant thought.

Old Joe helps construct a monster magnet to annihilate the PC, which is first tried out in quite a while junkyard. While playing out the test, the PC flies from Jesse’s hands and is wrecked on the truck. Energized that their arrangement was really going to work, Jesse cheers, “Yeah B****! Magnets!”.

Yo, Yo, Yo. 148, 3-To-The-3-To-The-6-To-The-9. Representin’ The ABQ. What Up, B****? Leave It At The Tone!


Before Skyler discovered how her significant other was a precious stone meth cook, she was very dubious of her better half’s conduct. To attempt to make quick work of things, she redials a number on a call that Walter had hung upon.

The number was Jesse’s, and since he doesn’t answer his telephone, she hears his voice message say, “Yo, yo, yo. 148, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, b****? Leave it at the tone!”. Not exclusively is Jesse’s message entertaining, yet Skyler’s response to the unexpected phone message was beyond value.

What do I Look Like? Scarface?

Breaking Bad

Walter and Jesse generally had somewhat of a rough relationship. Whenever they initially begin cooking, Walt is primarily the cook of the activity, while Jesse deals with selling their item. Things were slow ahead of schedule, particularly before they had the option to sell pounds of their gem meth at a time.

Walt lets Jesse know that it is unsatisfactory that he can’t sell it quicker and asks him for what reason he can’t simply sell the entire pound without a moment’s delay. Jesse reacts by saying, “What do I look like? Scarface?” Jesse and Walt would ultimately begin offering their medication by the pound to Tuco Salamanca, which ended up being an impractical notion.

I’m A Blowfish! Blowfish! Yeah! Blowfishin’ This Up!

Breaking Bad

In one of the previous periods of Breaking Bad, Jesse’s group is ripped off by several meth heads, and Walter powers Jesse to return and recover their cash. To put it plainly, things don’t work out as expected for Jesse. The addict couple has a youngster that Jesse must be cautious around, and the spouse winds up crushing her better half’s head in with an ATM machine.

Jesse is naturally scarred by the circumstance, yet Walter advises him to utilize the story to threaten individuals. He thinks about Jesse as a blowfish and in some way or another even ready to help Jesse to have an improved outlook with this similarity. Jesse entertainingly says, “I’m a blowfish! Blowfish! Yeah! Blowfishin’ This Up!”. Jesse even explodes his suit in a later episode to make himself appear as though one.

Written by Adhish Saxena