‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Breaks Kevin Hart’s Heart With a Painful Confession: “I could say Bryan is a friend of mine”

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Breaks Kevin Hart’s Heart With a Painful Confession
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Bryan Cranston is a very famous actor, director, and producer, most popularly known for his star performance as Walter White aka Heisenberg in the crime/drama TV show, Breaking Bad. The show has one of the highest and the best critics rating a show has ever received, moreover, the fan base the series has created is just out of the park. Cranston is the lead star of the show and played a very serious and grim role.


Kevin Hart on the other hand is a total goofball and he cracks more jokes than he breathes. Although he is a standup comedian, he has multiple first-class movie roles under his belt. Being one of the most famed individuals in the industry, he has quite a huge fan following. But when Cranston and Hart were giving an interview-type talk show, it was the Breaking Bad actor who roasted the roaster.

Bryan Cranston


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Bryan Cranston Roasted Kevin Hart

Bryan Cranston first gained notoriety from Malcolm in the Middle, but he went on to win numerous Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Cranston has distinguished himself in the cinema, appearing in multiple blockbusters like Trumbo, Argo, and Godzilla. His versatile acting abilities range from humor to drama, making him a respected and significant figure in the industry.

His best-ever performance came from Breaking Bad where he portrayed a very serious and grim character and no one could have played it better than him. But his demeanor during his interview with Kevin Hart was on the opposite end of that performance as he cracked multiple jokes that even hurt the Dashing Through The Snow actor.

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in The Upside
Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in The Upside

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Cranston says: “But you don’t always become friends with someone with who you work with it’s like, that’s fine, that’s cool, that’s good, and once in a while oh this guy or this woman I can really bond with and Aaron Paul and I did.”

Hart says: “Yeah, it brings me to us, you know, we spent a lot of time together doing The Upside. I felt like we hit it off. I felt like, I left that set and I could say Bryan’s a friend of mine.”


Cranston says: “Yeah, that’s called acting”

During the entire interview between Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, both of them sought out opportunities to roast the other and it was Cranston who had the final laugh. Hart was left star-struck because he never imagined his co-star to roast him so badly. After all, it was usually him who did the roasting. Nevertheless, both of them formed a very good pair and managed to entertain everyone.

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart’s Masterpiece: The Upside

Heartfelt dramedy The Upside was based on a real-life event. It centers on the unexpected bond between Kevin Hart’s Dell Scott and Bryan Cranston’s character Phillip Lacasse, a wealthy paraplegic businessman in need of a carer and a down-on-his-luck ex-convict looking for work.


Despite coming from very different backgrounds, Scott and Lacasse grow close as Scott takes on the responsibility of becoming his carer. Both men are challenged by Dell Scott’s unconventional method of caregiving to step outside of their comfort zones and gain fresh insights into life.

The movie examines themes of friendship, second chances, and the power of human connection via humor, emotional moments, and personal growth. The movie gives a moving examination of the struggles and victories that develop when two people from utterly different worlds join together to encourage one another and discover happiness in unexpected ways.

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in The Upside
Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in The Upside

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Although the movie was not a major commercial success or a blockbuster, it earned a fair $125.8 million at the box office against a budget of $37.5 million. But the movie received immense praise and support from viewers and critics from all over the world and has a great IMDb rating of 7/10. The film won the Aspen Filmfest Award and the Heartland Award in addition to being nominated for the People’s Choice Awards. The movie is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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