‘Fans really wanted to see this film made’: Brendan Fraser Sounds Defeated After Batgirl Cancelation Gave Him Major Career Setback

Brendan Fraser Sounds Defeated After Batgirl Cancelation Gave Him Major Career Setback
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The Mummy star Brendan Fraser had an amazing comeback with The Whale. The actor plays the role of Charlie, an English teacher in the film. Ever since its world premiere at the 79th Venice Film Festival, it has received positive reviews so far. The film is also expected to be in the race for Oscars, with its story and excellent performance of the cast. Fraser has shared earlier how he prepared for the role and how it acts as a major lesson for his career. 

Brendan Fraser Whale
Brendan Fraser in The Whale

Brendan Fraser was also cast in Warner Bros’ Batgirl, the film that the studio canceled after its merger with Discovery. Brendan played Garfield Lynns/ Firefly in the film. In his recent interview talking about the film, he shared that he was disappointed with Batgirl’s cancelation. 

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Brendan Fraser Was disappointed With Batgirl’s Cancelation

The decision came as a shock to everyone who was eagerly waiting for the film. It was also a bummer for the cast who has been working on the film for so long.

Brendan Fraser, who was cast as the main villain in the film, was about to make his comeback with an iconic role in the DC Extended Universe. But everything went to waste after the film was canceled. 

Brendan Fraser plays antagonist Firefly in Batgirl
Brendan Fraser plays antagonist Firefly in Batgirl

In his recent interview with Variety, Fraser said it’s disappointing. He said, “The fans really wanted to see this film made.” He also praised Leslie Grace for her work in the film by saying, “She just goes for it. She looks great in the outfit.”


The actor also said that the film was shot for a smaller screen as it was supposed to come out on HBO max and not for the theatrical release and how Warner Bros also took it as a reason for its cancelation. The actor also says that this could be a potential warning for how the movies, which are filmed only for the streaming platforms, will be handled by the studios in the future. 

Warner Bros. Discovery’s New Plan for DC Movies

Warner Bros Discovery’s new CEO David Zaslav made a number of changes in the studio after the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery. The studio announced that no future films will be released on HBO Max. It announced that under its new plan, movies will have a theatrical release at first and will be available on the streaming platform later. 

Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the canceled film.

Batgirl, which was almost complete, was not suitable for a theatrical release. And the budget, which was already $90 million, would have been extended if they tried doing it. So the studio decided to scrap it. 


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Warner Bros even hosted a funeral screening of the film. Brendan Fraser with the whole cast and crew of the film. Many even agreed with Zaslav’s decision to cancel the film after watching it. 

Batgirl was not Fraser’s first project under Warner Bros. He has worked in Doom Petrol as Robotman. The series has completed its three seasons and is renewed for the fourth season as well. Brendan Fraser will also return as the Robotman in Doom Petrol Season 4. 

The Whale cast
The Whale cast at the Venice Film Festival

Brendan Fraser is currently busy with his upcoming film, The Whale. The Whale follows Charlie, an English teacher who suffers from obesity and attempts to reconnect with his daughter for one last time. The film stars Stranger Things actor Sadie Sink alongside Brendan Fraser.


The Whale will release on December 9, 2022.

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