Brendan Fraser Reveals Original ‘The Mummy’ Movie Was So ‘Authentic’ Because “We Rode Our Own Camels, Ran Around in the Heat of the Desert of Morocco” Unlike CGI Heavy Tom Cruise Reboot

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The Mummy came out years ago and the trilogy became a beautiful masterpiece of Brendan Fraser. The actor rose to massive fame after the trilogy took off and in his latest interview, he addressed how it was much different and more realistic than any other adventure movie. His return to the Hollywood industry in a bigger role once again has proved to be brilliant for Fraser as he is getting the limelight he deserves.

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

The actor made a comeback with The Whale, which has given him a lot of praise and even brings hope for him to win an Oscar for his performance. His upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon also anticipates a similar performance.

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Brendan Fraser Comments The Mummy To Be More Realistic

In an interview with GQ, Brendan Fraser talked about how The Mummy was multiple genres mixed into one, from adventure to comedy and romance with hints of horror here and there. He commented on the authenticity of the movie and how that made it much more of an original experience for him. The cast had to ride real camels and barely used CGI.

Brendan Fraser

“We rode our own camels, weilded our own weapons, we fought one another, we ran around in the heat of the Desert of War Aza in Morocco.”

He further stated how it was reasons like so that made the movies a global hit. As compared to the scenario that might have taken place had it been shot in Arizona or New Mexico. This sense of risk made the experience rather thrilling for the cast, especially Fraser. The sense of new and unknown was fun for them and at the same time, risky to an extent, making him wonder whether he might even survive the shoot or not.

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Brendan Fraser Highly Enjoyed Filming The Mummy Trilogy

The experience of returning to film was highly anticipated as Brendan Fraser adored returning to the sets and how meeting the camera guys was a joy on its own.

Brendan Fraser

Even though the following films held more CGI, including a lot of the Scorpion King, it was still fun for them and the team. The audience wanted to see something particular and that is exactly what they provided to the fans. He further elaborated on how the mixing of different styles and genres worked like a charm for them.

The Whale comes out on 9 December 2022.


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Source: GQ

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