Brendan Fraser’s Secret Rendezvous With Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Sparks Rumours of the Trio Starring in Jumanji 4!

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Despite being the best friends of all time, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart only collided headfirst into each other while the pair were already well-established as movie stars. The former was gaining recognition for his work on the Fast and Furious films when the franchise-on-wheels was accelerating in full swing. Hart, on the other hand, was a famous name in the stand-up circle and an emerging actor credited with films like Ride Along and This is the End.


However, each of their careers was born under very different circumstances and it seems as though at least one of them is interested in going back to their roots to where it all started.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on Central Intelligence
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence

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How Strong is the Possibility of a Johnson-Hart Reunion?

When a towering WWE-famed action star was paired with the short, quick-on-his-feet, and sharp-witted comedian on a 2016 buddy action comedy film, a powerhouse duo was born that could not only pack a punch but deliver side-stitching laugh-out-loud moments. It seemed as though when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart met, each of their individual strong suits was amplified in the presence of the other, making their projects only that much more successful. The pair, as a result, was immediately coveted by the industry.

Their friendship became a beautiful by-product born out of their time spent on Central Intelligence – a relationship that would bear fruit in the form of numerous back-to-back action comedy projects over the next few years, skyrocketing their fame and net worth in Hollywood. Now, however, the two stars have been languishing in the aftermath of a difficult interim period that witnessed Johnson’s Black Adam fiasco of 2022 and Hart’s acting career running a bit low on serotonin.

The Rock and Kevin Hart
The Rock and Kevin Hart

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It is only to be expected that a star capable of such a huge box office draw as Dwayne Johnson was planning on a reunion soon with Kevin Hart once again for what can only be expected to be a good time for the audience as well as the industry. The project in question aka Jumanji 4 has been on the radar for a long time now with Hart going on to officially state, “We’re talking, of course, about another Jumanji, that’s been a conversation.”

If this truly pans out, the theatrical comeback for the duo will be a definitive blast given how their first two Jumanji movies garnered incredible critical as well as commercial success.

Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser Reunion Goes Viral

If one were to believe a Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser reunion is imminent, one would be right. The exciting, electric, and tear-jerking 95th Academy Awards witnessed major comeback sensations and phenomenon, Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser, picking up awards and drawing out unwarranted sobs and sniffles from the hearts of millions. Dwayne Johnson, too, was present at the event, reacquainting himself backstage with The Whale star and Academy Award winner, Fraser who also happens to be the star of Johnson’s very first Hollywood film, The Mummy Returns.

The Rock starts out in Hollywood alongside Brendan Fraser
The Rock starts out in Hollywood alongside Brendan Fraser

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Thanking Fraser in a heartwarming post and crediting him with effectively kickstarting his career in the industry, The Rock gave rise to rumors online about an on-screen reunion with the veteran actor. The fans have been filled up to the brim with rumors and theories, all of which have led to a dead end, apart from one solid rumor which states that Brendan Fraser has allegedly been cast in Jumanji 4 as Mr. Gilpin, the father of Spencer Gilpin who is played by Alex Wolff in the latest Jumanji films.

Considering how the film has been on the roster for years and Dwayne Johnson’s schedule has cleared up following the wrapping of Red One, and Karen Gillan too is done with her Marvel venture with no future project in sight, now would be the perfect time to witness the headlines splashing the news of Johnson, Hart, Gillan, Jack Black, and Fraser to hop on for one more adventure in the world of Jumanji.


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