Bridgerton: Calam Lynch Talks Becoming Theo Sharpe (EXCLUSIVE)

Bridgerton: Calam Lynch Talks Becoming Theo Sharpe (EXCLUSIVE)
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Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton is finally back with a new season. Based on the novels written by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton’s season 2 broke another record a few days ago, by becoming Netflix’s most viewed English-language series with over 251.7 M hours in just 7 days.


Last week, we spoke with Bridgerton’s newest star, Calam Lynch (Mrs. Wilson, Black Beauty), who portrays Theo Sharpe (specifically written for the series), a printer’s apprentice, friend/love interest of Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie).

Bridgerton. Calam Lynch as Theo in episode 208 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

If you want to know more about how Theo came to life and *that scene* between him and Eloise, you can watch the full interview down below:

Bridgerton's Calam Lynch Talks Becoming Theo Sharpe | FandomWire Interview

Theo and Eloise don’t exactly hit it off right away. He thinks she’s another entitled young rich lady on the lookout for Lady Whistledown’s latest gossip, while she thinks he is a man who views women as inferior to men. They soon find out they couldn’t be more wrong about each other and together, they will exchange ideas, and books and finally, they will try to unmask Lady Whistledown.

Unfortunately, Eloise has to put an end to their meetings in order to protect Theo and her family from scandals, leaving them both (and the fans) heartbroken.


Theo Sharpe is a very modern young man, who fights for equality and justice, which is one of the main reasons Eloise is so drawn to him. Calam Lynch declared:

That was one of the most appealing things (…), that he was someone who was forward-thinking for his time. The only thing (…) I was a little bit worried about is that he’s a man and Eloise is a woman. I was really keen for it to be not at all like, mansplaining, like ‘I know what feminism is’ I was like ‘That’s gross, we can’t be doing that’. But I think the lines take care of that, (…) the script doesn’t let it fall into that. (…) The difficulty between him and Eloise is not gender, it’s class. He doesn’t take her seriously at first because she’s so privileged, not because she’s a woman, in fact, quite the opposite. ”

As we said before, Theo doesn’t appear in the books, which makes it very hard to predict his future in the TV series, or even to know if Eloise and the young man can be an endgame. The actor declared:


I can imagine all the scenarios in my head, of what might happen with them (…) That’s up to Shondaland, that’s up to Netflix and [Executive story editor] Jess Brownell, (…) she’ll have updates on that (…). I think they make such great TV and they really know their characters, so I’m sure they’ll make the right choice for Eloise.”

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