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Brilliant Actors Marvel Fans Are Dying To See In MCU Phase 5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding faster than we could ever imagine. It has become so vast it now spans the entire multiverse, across many, many universes. MCU Phase 5 will be a truly cosmic event. And fans want these uber-talented actors to have a shot in helping MCU Phase 5 reach even greater heights than it is predicted to.

Keanu Reeves Can Play Richard Ryder AKA The First Nova

Keanu Reeves Cast In Secret MCU Movie Project
Keanu Reeves in MCU Phase 5

There have been rumors about Keanu Reeves coming to the MCU since time immemorial. We thought we was going to play Adam Warlock. Some thought he was going to make it as Ghost Rider. Others thought Keanu Reeves would play Wolverine. The John Wick actor is at his career peak at the moment. The MCU Phase 5 would benefit immensely from having him on board.

Richard Rider - Nova
Richard Rider – Nova

We believe the best role Keanu Reeves could fill up in the MCU Phase 5 is of Richard Rider. The legendary superhero was the first human Nova and has been a staple of Marvel Comics since a long time. Given Reeves’ relatively advanced age, it would be crucial for Marvel to cast him in a mentor figure role. He could help train the new Nova – Sam Alexander, in the ways of the Nova Corps.

Norman Reedus Was Born To Play Ghost Rider

Norman reedus Ghost Rider
Norman Reedus The Walking Dead

This guy has been screaming at the top of his lungs. Marvel Studios is yet to listen to him. The Walking Dead star looks and talks the part. All he needs is for Marvel to open the door and let him ride his way into stardom. His rugged and rough looks give a proper Ghost Rider vibe.

Ghost Rider - MCU
Ghost Rider – MCU

Reedus has been asked numerous times if he is willing to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And everytime he has been asked to play the same superhero (if he wanted to, that is). Everytime Reedus has replied back saying he would love to play Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch on screen. Kevin Feige, are you reading this?

Johnny Depp Can Play Nightmare or Mephisto In MCU Phase 5

Crimes of Grindelwald's twists didn't matter on Fantastic Beasts 3
Johnny Depp in Crimes of Grindelwald

The Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial has showed the world that Johnny Depp may not be totally at fault. The other side has also done some equally unforgivable stuff. Public opinion is overwhelmingly positive for Johnny Depp. And this makes for a good opportunity for Disney to do better and give him a role in the most lucrative movie franchise in Hollywood history.

Doctor Strange 2 writer confirms Mephisto was never considered for the film
Mephisto the Demon

Disney kicked Johnny Depp out of his iconic Jack Sparrow role the moment the case came to light. And the Mouse House did it even before there was any proof. Their move was based solely on pure speculation. Now as the fans are turning on Disney and imploring it to do the right thing, Johnny depp could get a role in MCU Phase 5.

Nightmare Marvel Comics
Nightmare Marvel Comics

Given his predisposition for weird and bizarre roles, Depp would make for a good Nightmare – the Fear Lord, or Mephisto – the Demon King of Hell.

Eddie Redmayne Could Play The Silver Surfer In MCU Phase 5

Fantastic beasts 3 - Eddie Redmayne
Fantastic beasts 3 – Eddie Redmayne

Fresh off his success from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Eddie Redmayne is also the center of attention in many fan circles right now. Now this is an award winning actor who could make a real difference in the MCU. Many a times, fans have called out the MCU for lacking in serious acting firepower, only relying on actors that have fame and good comic timing by their side.

Silver Surfer - MCU
Silver Surfer – MCU

Eddie Redmayne’s acting is almost always critically acclaimed, no matter which project he is in. The Fantastic Four are now in the MCU with John Krasinski playing Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Eddie Redmayne could join in as Silver Surfer is a Fantastic Four character. He also happens to be one of the most powerful cosmic heroes in Marvel Comics.

Daniel Radcliffe Would Make For A Wild Wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe -Wolverine Fancasting
Daniel Radcliffe -Wolverine Fan Casting

Even Sandra Bullock agrees that Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter and The Lost City star is the perfect choice to play Logan. He’s got the looks and the stylle to pull it off. If you think Daniel Radcliffe has yet to grow out of his boyish charms, we implore you to watch Horns. You will be proven wrong.

Patrick Stewart has already appeared as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2. And with him, it is only a matter of time before the X-Men appear on the big screens in all their glory. Hugh Jackman was good but he was way too tall to play Wolverine. Daniel Radcliffe’s shorter stature only ends up making his case. Radcliffe’s Wolverine would be EPIC. The only question is – Will Marvel let it happen in MCU Phase 5.