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Brilliant Early 2000s Shows That Need Sequels

The present decade brought us a lot of great television shows that are binge-worthy and even deserving of prestigious awards. Most popular series are granted with sequels because they do well with the viewership. It is also a strategic way to sustain the show’s engagement.

The early 2000s also witnessed a lot of superb television series. However, many were not arranged for a sequel for a number of reasons. Despite so, we believe that these shows deserve a follow-up. Take a look back at this list of marvelous yet canceled shows from the early 2000s.

Freaks And Geeks (1999)

Freaks and Geeks Early 2000s

The teen comedy-drama show takes place in a suburban high school during the 1980s. It portrays the sad and hilarious unfairness of teenage life. Freaks and Geeks received highly positive reviews and even three Emmy Award nominations. It technically came at the very cups of the millennium in September 1999 but we would make an exception because the show’s just so damn good.

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The show helped catapult the careers of many celebrities such as Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. It also appeared on Time’s “100 Greatest Shows of All Time” and has become a cult series.

Grosse Pointe (2000)

Grosse Pointe Early 2000s

This is an American satire show depicting the behind-the-scenes life on the set of a television show. It was said to be heavily inspired by the creator’s experiences on the show Beverly Hills 90210.


Despite only having one season, it received generally positive reviews from critics. It was claimed to be the funniest and smartest comedy the WB ever produced.

So Little Time (2001)

So Little Time Early 2000s

The Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley star in this American sitcom for their third television show. The story follows these two as they face the typical struggles of most young people such as high school life, family problems, and boys. It is a feather-light drama show that everyone can relate to.

Undeclared (2001)

Undeclared Early 2000s

The show is a spin-off to the series Freaks and Geeks, although not considered a sequel. The story is set in the early 2000s instead of the 80s. It revolves around a group of freshmen facing the tribulations of college life.

Despite only running for one season, it garnered positive reviews for its delightful and sweet portrayal of self-discovery.

Firefly (2002)


This American science fiction drama set in space centers around the arrival of humans in a new world in the year 2517. This futuristic show was a huge success for its creator, Joss Whedon. A film entitled Serenity was developed based on the show’s plot. A comic book and a role-playing game were also developed later on.

Life As We Know It (2004)

Life As We Know It


Known for breaking its fourth wall, this American teen drama show has its own way of delivering its story. The plot typically talks about family, relationships, and life in general. The stylistic use of this drama technique captured the audience’s attention despite being canceled early on.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (2006)

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

The story happens in the behind-the-scenes of a live comedy show. It portrays the true workings of a complicated environment in a fictional television network. It is basically ‘a show within a show’ and that makes this more entertaining.

Despite its only one season, the show garnered a couple of nominations and an Emmy Award win.

Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

Tell Me You Love Me

Described as an erotic drama, this show portrayed extremely realistic depictions of sexual activities which became controversial during its run. The story focuses on three couples who encounter problems regarding intimacy.

The structure of every episode begins without any introduction and the camera work almost feels like a documentary.

Summer Heights High (2008)

Summer Heights High

This Australian television sitcom features a documentary-like show of the lives of three high school students with different personalities and backgrounds. The show was a huge success for the network and it won a Logie Award for Most Popular Comedy Program. It also features the real struggles of young adults such as mental health, homosexuality, racism, and sexual abuse.


Harper’s Island (2009)

Harper's Island

This limited web horror show features an ensemble cast that follows the horrid nightmare of a group of family and friends bound to a destination wedding. Little did they know, there is a killer among them.

The suspense will keep the audience hooked and send chills down their spine. It only ran for one season because of the success of The Walking Dead.

Do you have a favorite show from the early 2000s? Tell us in the comments below!

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