Brilliant New Moon Knight Deleted Scenes Show Ammit Invading London, Alternate Afterlife Look & More

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The last chapter of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight finished off the franchise’s sixth Disney+ show just before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seized over the MCU audience. The conclusion laid the ground for an intriguing adventure in Marvel Studios’ storyline with Isaac’s Marc Spector. With the show now finished, one of the cast members has provided a glimpse at three scenes that were never produced.


The deleted scenes from Moon Knight:

Deleted scene 1:

Moon Knight Deleted Scene.
Egypt sands on London roads.

On Deviant Art, Moon Knight concept designer Jeffrey Read shared three concepts he produced for the Disney+ series, including various deleted sequences from the program. The first depicts a pyramid and Egyptian sands devouring London roads, with thunder and a purple hue in the sky. Read commended production designer Stefania Cella in the post for mastering the look and described the task as ‘heaps of fun’.

The visuals Arthur Harrow generated over Cairo with his staff in the finale are quite identical to these colors and lightning. Harrow and Ammit would have introduced Egypt to England with sand on the roads and a pyramid in the city center. This may have happened as they roamed the globe judging the souls of the people.


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Deleted Scene 2:

Moon Knight Deleted Scene.
Moon Knight standing on a rooftop.

Another depicted Moon Knight as Batman-like perched on a roof gazing over London. The artist commended his own efforts as well as Oscar Isaac’s English accent in this post. “Laaaandon! Was tricky to find an angle where squeezing all the landmarks in wouldn’t be entirely unrealistic but think we found a good spot! As an Englishman, I can confirm Oscar Isaac’s accent was great and in fact very endearing,” he said.

However, it’s likely that not including this shot in the show was for the best. Many people suggested Oscar Isaac’s hero was a duplicate copy of DC’s Batman. Including a classic Batman angle would have done little to dispel such accusations.


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Deleted Scene 3:

Moon Knight Deleted Scene.
Alternate design for Taweret’s Quarters.

Finally, Read revealed a previously unreleased idea for Taweret’s Quarter, which was supposed to be located inside the afterlife ship. “Unused concept for Taweret’s Quarter. I absolutely loved the scenes around the afterlife ship, but sadly this room was never incorporated. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! The room was going to be slightly upscaled to fit Taweret which I think was a neat idea,” he continued.

The fifth episode, which took place onboard the afterlife ship, was obviously meant to include these Quarters. The great Egyptian chamber layout was most likely created before the asylum was built. Although it’s reasonable to argue that this design would have looked stunning in live-action, the institution eventually served the narrative well as an apt analogy for Marc’s mental state.


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