“Bro called us poor in many languages”: MrBeast Has Done it Again, Latest Video is One of His Most Expensive Stunts Ever

MrBeast is no longer a mere content creator or influencer, but arguably the biggest philanthropist of his time.

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  • MrBeast started off as a YouTuber who did giveaways but has graduated to one of the biggest philanthropists of this generation.
  • The YouTuber is currently looking for 5000 participants for his Beast Games, set to include giveaways worth $5 million.
  • However, his latest Instagram clip might bring tears to fans, considering the kind of wealth that he casually shows off.
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Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson had graduated past being a mere YouTuber many a year ago. The 26-year-old content creator is one of the biggest philanthropists of our time and has contributed to a plethora of charitable initiatives. Still going strong with a whopping 263 million followers on his main account alone, Donaldson recently announced a $5 million giveaway via Beast Games, for which he is currently looking for 5000 participants.

MrBeast. | MrBeast, Instagram

While there is little doubt that he is one of the wealthiest content creators out there, MrBeast recently eliminated all doubt with a hilarious Instagram video. In it, the creator showed off his top speed while sprinting and carrying ridiculous amounts of cash.

MrBeast shows off his wealth with hilarious Instagram video

MrBeast with his team. | MrBeast, Instagram

The clip, which was posted on May 31, has till date received more than 2.8 million likes and more than 53k comments. While there is little doubt that the YouTuber, who started his career more than a decade ago in 2012, is one of the richest influencers around, the latest clip puts into perspective exactly how much casual wealth he can show off.


MrBeast is expected to have a net worth of around $500 million, according to Forbes, who believe that he is well on his way to becoming the first influencer billionaire of this generation. Regardless, the latest clip puts into perspective exactly what that looks like.


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MrBeast can be seen sprinting while carrying varying amounts of money. While he initially starts off with a simple sprint, he then shows off his running speed while carrying $20,000. The YouTuber then continued to add $10k in cash until the $120k mark. With his luggage and the amount of bags steadily increasing, the YouTuber could be seen slowing down and struggling to run as the amount of money increased.

He eventually gave up while carrying a whopping $120k, as viewers saw him simply fall down, unable to run anymore. While the weight on his shoulders must have undoubtedly been excruciating, fans came up with a range of hilarious responses on the post, with one claiming that the YouTuber had simply called his viewers poor, in a range of languages:


Bro called us poor in many languages

The hilarious response was only one of the plethora of comments that came up, with most fans found humor in the situation. A majority of viewers simply wanted one of his bags to be sent to them, which is also a possibility considering the extent of giveaways that he regularly hosts.

MrBeast is currently searching for 5000 contestants for his ‘Beast Games’

MrBeast, the philanthropist. | Mr. Beast, YouTube.

The YouTuber started off by hosting a range of different giveaways and competitions on his YouTube channel. While he would in his early years need sponsors to simply make videos, today, the YouTuber is arguably the biggest philanthropist the internet has given the world.

According to Yahoo, to date, he has participated in giveaways worth more than $100 million. He has delivered more than 4.5 million free meals around the world and fed almost 300,000 people. The YouTuber has donated more than 5.5 million pounds of food alone and has been involved in a plethora of mone-raising initiatives for a range of environmental causes as well. 


Currently, Jimmy Donaldson is looking for a total of 5000 people who will be willing to participate in Beast Games, via which he wants to give away more than $5 million:

Im giving away $5,000,000 in the largest game show ever in history. If you want to compete in Beast Games (I need 5,000 people lol) apply here.

Hence, there is little doubt that Jimmy Donaldson is much more than a mere YouTuber, content creator, or influencer. He is easily one of the biggest philanthropists around and completely deserves the kind of recognition that he has been getting in recent years. 

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