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‘Bro thought he’s real life Owen Grady from Jurassic World’: Chris Pratt Trolled for Getting Brutally Stung on the Eye By a Bee After Claiming ‘He can control bees’

'Bro thought he's real life Owen Grady from Jurassic World': Chris Pratt Trolled for Getting Brutally Stung on the Eye By a Bee After Claiming 'He can control bees'

Chris Pratt has played a number of thrilling roles in his movies and his television series and although his roles see him as someone who can face danger headfirst, ‘reality is often disappointing’. The actor was among the many who got influenced by what is shown on social media and it backfired for him badly. It only led to the actor hurting himself rather badly in an attempt to recreate something he watched on TikTok.

Chris Pratt.
Chris Pratt

Social media is a provision of multiple platforms showing content of all sorts, some done by amateurs and others done by trained professionals. To find the difference and understand what might be dangerous and what not is very important and unfortunately, Chris Pratt fell into the rabbit hole and thought he could perform some stunts without consequences.

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Chris Pratt Got Severely Injured Due To His Confidence In Social Media

One thing that had been trending on TikTok was a beekeeper removing wild hives from houses. Upon seeing this, Chris Pratt too thought that he could manipulate and control bees because he saw it happen on a video. He attempted a task he had no experience or training in and in return, a bee stung him right in the eye.

jurassic world fallen kingdom
Owen Grady with a baby Velociraptor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Pratt has played roles dealing with dinosaurs, saving the galaxy and with it, an entire universe, and also was one of the only few remaining humans. His overconfidence led him to believe that he could do whatever he saw on social media and while he says it to be a false sense of security, it only cost him a very dangerous incident. Being stung in the eye made him realize just how harmful and irresponsible his decision had been. Fans too, although concerned, cannot stop trolling the actor for how careless he had been and how it could have been much worse.

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Fans Troll Chris Pratt For Trying To Manipulate Bees

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World Dominion
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World Dominion

Seeing his reckless decision to go into a swarm of bees without any proper safety measures or training, fans cannot stop commenting about how it was careless and dangerous for the actor to do so. They further started trolling him for how his days as a dinosaur trainer did not prepare him for bees.

The fans compared him to the beekeeper and how he thought he could be her just by watching one video. Some even got more concerned about the bee than him. Even after the various awareness campaigns on the effects of social media, Chris Pratt too believed in everything he saw.

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