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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Things From Season 1 That Got Better Over Time

Brooklyn Nine Nine 5 Things From Season 1 That Got Better Over Time

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun-loving and quirky sitcom that will certainly brighten up everyone’s day. The first season showed us lovable and relatable characters, all with their own crazy antics and weird habits. In the first season, we are introduced to some concepts from the show that eventually developed as the series goes on.

There are so many wonderful parts to the show that got the fans hooked until its very last season. From family to friendship, from career to love life – Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers the most wholesome and cozy viewing experience.  Here are the most interesting parts from Season 1 that became so much better as the story progressed:

The One And Only Gina Linetti

Gina Linetti Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everyone knows that Gina Linetti is the human form of the 100 emoji. She has been a fan-favorite character since the first season, and it was really disappointing to see her go in the sixth season. Gina is the only civilian in the group, but that does not stop her from stealing the show.

In fact, Gina’s presence overpowers even her superiors. She always has the best ideas and her answers are always so witty and even sarcastic. Her role, although minor, has been considered essential to the show.

Amy and Jake’s Relationship

Amy Santiago Jake Peralta Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta’s relationship started in the first season and fans have witnessed how it grew into a full-blown romance. They have always liked one another though they try to conceal it by being competitive with each other. Perhaps anything to get someone’s attention.

Things start to fall into place after they have been married. Though the path was not as smooth as they hoped to be, it was absolutely worth it in the end.

“Full Boyle” Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle is another quirky yet loving character who tends to get super obsessed with people, especially with his best friend Jake. The “Full Boyle” plot refers to his tendency to become too passionate. Charles does not give half-baked feelings but he goes all out.

He is portrayed as a family man, but no one really knows about his lineage. Throughout the series, fans learn a lot about Charles’s family background. The Full Boyle plot is always fun to watch.

The Halloween Heists

Jake-Peralta-Captain-Holt- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Halloween heist is one of the most anticipated events in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Everyone gathers around for a quest of a lifetime, which basically means whoever wins will get to brag about it for the entire year.

There has been a total of eight Halloween heists, and each main character has won, except for Charles Boyle and Norm Scully.

Captain Holt And Amy’s Friendship

Amy and Captain Holt Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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They both started on a rough patch, but because they are almost similar in many aspects, Captain Holt and Amy found comfort in each other. Amy is such a huge fan of Captain Holt and his way of leadership.

There were times when she wanted to impress him because that’s typical of Amy seeking validation. On the other hand, Amy also helped Captain Holt loosen up a bit and be expressive of his feelings.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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