Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every Halloween Heists, Ranked By How Intelligent The Heists Was

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Halloween is a time of dressing up and getting spooky. Every year it is a ritual for the 99 precinct to play a unique and friendly heist. These heists are full of elaborate schemes, where the characters go through great lengths, which includes people double/triple crossing their partners. These heists make the most interesting episodes in each season. We can surely say that all the fans look forward to watching these episodes. Here are all the heists ranked in increasing order of being epic.


1. Valloweaster (Season 7, Episode 11): This episode is the weakest heist of all as it didn’t have much structure. The writers exhausted themselves so much that they tried their best to make this one as epic as the rest of them, but it didn’t come through. Finally, however, a debate breaks out as Rosa becomes the three-time champion of the heist.Valloweaste

2. Cinco De Mayo (Season 6, Episode 16): This episode really tested the writers, after doing five heists already. Although while it unfolds, it sheds light on Terry for the first time, as he was always disinterested in the entire concept. He sure made an elaborate scheme to fool everyone. However, did we see it coming?Cinco De Mayo (Season 6, Episode 16)

3. Halloween IV (Season 4, Episode 5): Halloween IV was a breaking point that set the bar to a new height. It had fewer moving parts but with elaborate plots, making it even more interesting to see how far the people from 99 precinct go. The main star of this heist was Gina and her mic drops.Halloween IV (Season 4, Episode 5)- heists

4. Halloween II (Season 2, Episode 4): This Halloween episode is a turning point for the character of Captain Holt as he participates and showcases his competitive spirit for the first time. It humanizes him in a certain way and shows that there’s more to Holt, other than his cold robotic version. However, the episode’s central theme remains to bring Jake down, and this time, it was Captain Holt who did it.Halloween II (Season 2, Episode 4)- heists

5. Halloween (Season 5, Episode 4): The most wholesome heist is where Jake uses the heist to propose to Amy. This episode starts with a lot of energy, with Holt startling Jake in his sleep. Amy explains that Jake is predictable and nothing can surprise her anymore, and right at that moment, he pulls out the surprise. After that, no one cared who won.Halloween (Season 5, Episode 4)- heists

6. Halloween (Season 1, Episode 6): This episode is where it all starts, putting everything in motion for the rest of the heists. It gives us a gist of the dynamics of the characters and how they turn during the theft. Having chaotic and elaborated plans made this a regular episode in every season.Halloween (Season 1, Episode 6)- heists

7. The Last Day (Season 8, Episode 9): The perfect way to end the heist series. This episode had everything in it with so many twists for you to keep track of. Ending the heist with an emotional speech by Jake makes it complete.The Last Day (Season 8, Episode 9)

8. Halloween III (Season 3, Episode 5):The heist this year was meant to be a tie breaker for Jake and Holt. However, Amy steals the show by over-powering both of them.Halloween III (Season 3, Episode 5)- heists




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