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“Bryan Cranston is an absolute legend”: Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Wins Hearts With Brilliant Explanation on How ‘Privilege Creates Blind Spots’

"Bryan Cranston is an absolute legend": Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Wins Hearts With Brilliant Explanation on How 'Privilege Creates Blind Spots'

Being the main protagonist of arguably one of the most well-written and executed TV shows of all time, Bryan Cranston did an absolutely exceptional job of portraying the character of Walter White in the superhit series Breaking Bad, a high-school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin of the crystal methamphetamine business.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

While his on-screen counterpart might be a very intelligent and smart person, the star himself is no slouch when it comes to having an extraordinary intellect. In a recent interview, the star went on a roll to explain what the term ‘Make America Great Again’ truly meant for the country as a whole, and how that statement has a blind spot.

Bryan Cranston Educates About What Privilege Does To A Person

Bryan Cranston at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Bryan Cranston at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Playing the role of Heisenberg for so many years might’ve just been infectious as Bryan Cranston, who was always considered a smart and calculating individual both on and off-screen, has recently come up with a theory, which he did state in front of everyone about what he thinks of the term ‘Make America Great Again’ and how it can be construed as a racist remark.

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During his latest interview with Chris Wallace, the host, and Cranston were talking about the former president of the United States Donald Trump when the Malcolm in The Middle star decided to teach what the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ truly meant to many people in the country. During the conversation, he pointed out that the slogan can very well be perceived as a racist remark.

Cranston said that the privilege that many prosperous Americas are living in has made them unable to see the certain aspects of the past that had a dark history attached to it, and that people should focus on rebuilding an America greater than before. With this comment, many have agreed with the star.

Just goes to prove that intelligence and class can be mixed together and culminated to form an opinion that encompasses both the negative and unrecognized aspects of an argument, something that only the great Heisenberg can do.

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What’s Next For Bryan Cranston?

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

While we did see the infamous Walter White in the final season of Better Call Saul, there has been no further development from creator Vince Gilligan’s side about bringing back Bryan Cranston. Apart from the world of Breaking Bad, it has been rumored that the star will be a part of the potential reunion of the popular show Malcolm in The Middle, but any details regarding the event have not been disclosed as of yet.

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