‘But can he top Henry Cavill?’: Tom Holland To Play ’25 Year Old’ Kal-El in James Gunn’s New ‘Superman: Legacy’ Movie in DCU Chapter One? Fan Campaign for Holland’s Man of Steel Rages On

'But can he top Henry Cavill?': Tom Holland To Play '25 Year Old' Kal-El in James Gunn's New 'Superman: Legacy' Movie in DCU Chapter One? Fan Campaign for Holland's Man of Steel Rages On
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The mass debate involving the succession of Henry Cavill as the people’s Superman has long inhabited the public consciousness. It was a subject not of negotiation but rather an inevitability. And the latest candidate, it seems, is a very unlikely Tom Holland.


As James Gunn initiates the birth of DC, the saga that has now become the preoccupation of the entire world in one of its most hyped announcements since the Henry Cavill exit is one involving the franchise’s continuity roster. One of the more familiar titles on the released list was a Superman movie, which Gunn had already announced back in December 2022.

Tom Holland [via GQ]
Tom Holland [via GQ]
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With the SnyderVerse dead and no Elseworlds project that can host Cavill’s embodiment of hope, the world turns to new recruits for the role that is set to become the face of DCU moving forward.

Fans Cast Tom Holland as Henry Cavill’s Successor in DC

The prerequisite condition for Superman to arrive in the new DC universe is that he cannot be above 25 years of age. The criterion, no matter how stringent, is essential for the survival of this fledgling universe which sees a young Kal-El growing into his powers, recognizing his place in the world, and simultaneously juggling his life as a human.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland becomes the unlikely new candidate for Superman

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As such, a younger, formative Superman story evolves into the face of the DCU, officially kicking off the universe with Superman: Legacy. While several candidates have become fan favorite choices (re: Wolfgang Novogratz), the roster consists largely of biased choices, fancast actors, and concept arts. One among them involves Tom Holland whose reputation as MCU’s Spider-Man has only grown more praiseworthy by popular vote in recent years. But the possibility of him picking up the mantle as the Man of Tomorrow has raised a few concerns.



Holland’s skill as a superhero actor, extensive experience in front of the green screen, dedication to his art, and practical knowledge of the CBM franchise, who also boasts of an added bonus of working alongside multiple industry legends and A-listers, has quickly risen to the top of the casting choice chart with regards to his qualifications and perfect age. But substantial doubt still haunts the fandom about whether he can step out of the shadow of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

People Need to Stop Clamoring For Henry Cavill For Good

The need to let go of the Superman of DCEU is one that is inherently based on the survival of the current DCU. But in order to do that, it is not only a question of casting the perfect actor (whether experienced or a debutante) but rather a question of the script, execution, and how all of it fits into the overall narrative. The debate that has ensued in the aftermath of Tom Holland’s fan casting is inconsequential since the actor, whoever they may be, will only strive to fulfill one aspect of Superman’s identity. The pressure and responsibility lie equally on the shoulders of James Gunn.

Henry Cavill's deification reaches an end
Henry Cavill’s deification as Superman comes to an end

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Chapter 1 of DC, titled Gods and Monsters, has already gained a fan following after its quirky and eccentric lineup. Ranging from a 7-episode animated series, Creature Commandos, to a dark, gay, and grim version of Superman and Batman in The Authority to the anticipated Lanterns series, a project roster featuring even more delectable entries has become the obsessive talk of the town. The fandom is equally hyped for the dark and gritty Supergirl as they are for the horror project, Swamp Thing, and the older Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold has racked up just as much noise over the internet.

Among such a diverse and expansive Chapter 1, the debate over Cavill hardly seems relevant now. All that the franchise and its fandom now have to expect is whether Gunn and his Superman elect are able-bodied and shrewd enough to resurrect the new universe and arm itself for the long term, with no option for failure.


Superman: Legacy is slated for July 11, 2025.

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