‘But he wasn’t even alive then?’: Fans Convinced Marvel Will Fire Benedict Cumberbatch after Doctor Strange Actor Accused of Profiting from Slavery

'But he wasn't even alive then?': Fans Convinced Marvel Will Fire Benedict Cumberbatch after Doctor Strange Actor Accused of Profiting from Slavery

Slavery has been one of the most heinous things in human history. Under its new campaign, The Caribbean nation of Barbados is trying to get reparations from the wealthy descendants of slave owners. And their list could also include the Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The Doctor Strange star comes from a prominent British family and one of his ancestors, Abraham Cumberbatch, was known to be a wealthy slave owner in Barbados.

Benedict Cumberbatch romored in Now You See Me 3
Benedict Cumberbatch

This has once again put the English actor under fire for his family’s ties with slavery and fans have started discussing his future in the MCU. While some fans are defending the Marvel star, others are claiming that he should not have issues with reparations demand as it would not be too much for him.

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Barbados Task Force Could Target Benedict Cumberbatch’s Family For Reparations

Barbados’s National Task Force on Reparations has been seeking reparations from wealthy institutes that made a fortune from slavery. The Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch also comes from a prominent British family, who has links with slavery in Barbados.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in 12 Years a Slave
Benedict Cumberbatch in 12 Years a Slave

After this, the Sherlock Holmes star’s family is also expected to be targeted for reparations claim. According to a report from The Telegraph the deputy chairman of the state’s task force, David Comissiong did not deny the possibility.

He said, “This is at the earliest stages. We are just beginning. A lot of this history is only really now coming to light.” David Denny, a leading campaigner for reparations also said that any descendants of the plantation owners who benefited from slavery should be asked for reparations, including the Cumberbatch family.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Family Links to Slavery

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ancestor Abraham Cumberbatch was known to be a wealthy slave owner in the 18th century. Abraham Cumberbatch bought the Cleland plantation in 1728. The plantation held 250 slaves.

Reports claim that the Cumberbatch family made a fortune for themselves via that plantation. After slavery was abolished, the family received £6,000 as compensation from the British government. The sum is estimated to be around $1 million currently.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Amazing Grace
Benedict Cumberbatch in Amazing Grace

The Courier star has been vocal about his family’s ties with slavery. During a 2018 interview, he said, “We have our past – you don’t have to look far to see the slave-owning past. We were part of the whole sugar industry, which is a shocker.”

Cumberbatch portrayed the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William Pitt the Younger, in the 2006 film, Amazing Grace. He described his role in the film as a “sort of apology” for his family’s contribution to slavery.

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Internet Divided Over the Subject

According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch has earlier said that his mother advised him not to use his real name for his acting career due to the family’s links to slavery. Now that the Atonement star is expected to be targeted under the claims, fans have been discussing how this could result for him.

People on social media seem divided over the Good Omens star’s role in the whole situation. While some claimed that he should not be judged for his ancestors’ actions, others claimed that he should not have issues paying off reparations as it would not be a huge amount for him.

Benedict Cumberbatch has yet not said anything regarding the claims. However, people have started discussing that this could cause issues for his MCU roles.

Source: The Telegraph

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