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“But I’m still doing action movies”: 75 Year Old Austrian Oak Arnold Schwarzenegger Won’t Give Up on the Action Genre

"But I'm still doing action movies": 75 Year Old Austrian Oak Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't Give Up on the Action Genre

Arnold Schwarzenegger remained the biggest box office action star for a stretch in the ’80s and 90s. Dazzling viewers with blockbusters like Conan the Barbarian and Predator, the former Mr. Olympia has continued to rule the action genre. The Austrian Oak, who is now 75, appeared in Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019, finally bidding adieu to his formidable robotic assassin character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

From being a military veteran; riding his beloved tanks even in the early 70s; to being California’s older statesman, the actor is indeed more than his acting career. After a hiatus of over four years, Schwarzenegger is set to make a return in action-thriller, Breakout, declaring to the world that he isn’t done being an action star.

For Hollywood’s Conan, Age Is Just A Number!

Arnold Schwarzenegger previously revealed in an interview with Reuters that he wasn’t done with making action movies. The Austrian Oak, who was 65 years old, when he appeared in the interview, famously said:

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“I’m not a 30-year-old action hero anymore. I’m now 65 years old, but I’m still doing action movies. I acknowledge that it’s a different ballgame now. I’m an older guy.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Schwarzenegger, unlike other Hollywood A-listers, embraced his age rather than pretending to be younger. Interestingly, the actor included this skill from watching, the ever-legendary, Clint Eastwood film In the Line of Fire.

He even imitated Eastwood’s most-recalled performance in his 2013 action movie, The Last Stand. Schwarzenegger revealed:

“I remember how smart it was to acknowledge that because it took the curse off. No one was trying to say, ‘Isn’t he too old for this job?’ That’s what I tried to do in this film since [Eastwood] is a big idol of mine and I always like to learn from him.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in<em> The Last Stand</em> (2013)
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand (2013)

Interestingly, the actor is set to relive his glory as an action star in another “big-budgeted” project, which is being financed and produced by Greenland producer, Anton and Off the Pier Productions. The film is being directed by Scott Waugh, whose vision of introducing Schwarzenegger was applauded by the global company.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Returning In The Action-Thriller, Breakout

If there’s one man who has truly lived his wildest fantasies, it’s none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor-turned-politician, who previously decided to break away from the usual action stereotype, thrilled his fans after it was announced that the old man is set to make a “heroic, kick a*s” return in the action-thriller, Breakout.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to sign up for action movies at 75
Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to sign up for action movies at 75

The Austrian Oak will star as Terry Reynolds, whose stepson was “framed and sentenced to 25 years in a foreign country.” Thereafter, Reynolds makes a “daring jailbreak to save him,” overcoming the “overzealous prison guard”. The movie’s director, Scott Waugh, is none other than the man who directed The Expendables 4.

Apart from Fubar, Schwarzenegger’s Netflix series which premiered on May 25, 2023, Breakout (set to shoot in Eastern Europe) marks another big-budgeted project for the 75-year-old action star, whose hunger to achieve more can never rest!

The Last Stand (2013) is available for streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Reuters

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