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“But it’s not a competition”: Ripped Hugh Jackman Openly Calls Out Deadpool 3 Co-Star Ryan Reynolds With Mutant Biceps Challenge

"But it's not a competition": Ripped Hugh Jackman Openly Calls Out Deadpool 3 Co-Star Ryan Reynolds With Mutant Biceps Challenge
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' Growing Muscles

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a lot in common. They both have flourishing careers in the entertainment industry, have iconic superhero roles to their name, and not to mention their excellent physiques. However, the one thing that trumps them all is the love-hate relationship they have which they often flaunt through a friendly feud.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have taken their turns throwing shade at each other and even though the feud isn’t serious, it sure is entertaining to witness! While both the actors are working on Deadpool 3, you would think they’ll keep their “differences” aside for the sake of a smooth journey. But when it comes to the two, you know that’s not happening. Continuing the hilarious enmity, it’s Hugh Jackman’s turn to take a dig at his co-star.

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Hugh Jackman’s Not-So-Subtle Shade

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman is spending his time in the gym getting ready for his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As planned, he is ready to give everything he got to get into the Wolverine shape as he wants his physique to be better than ever. Taking to Twitter, Jackman uploaded a photo of him lifting a dumbbell and flexing his muscle, alongside his trainer, Beth Lewis. While the photo was enough to get his fans all excited, there was no way Jackman couldn’t have thrown shade at Ryan Reynolds.

Along with the photo, Jackman mentioned that “He’s only 46. I’m older,” obviously referring to his younger co-star, Reynolds. He even mentioned the Red Notice actor in his tweet, adding that it’s not a competition. But if anyone’s aware of the relationship the two actors have, it’s quite obvious that the sarcasm is pretty strong with this one. Of course, Reynolds isn’t one to take shade quietly as he replied to Jackman’s tweet stating that Lewis’ arms look incredible.

Jackman’s tweet could possibly be a dig at one of Reynolds’ previous posts. Reynolds’ trainer, Don Saladino, posted a couple of photos of the actor in the gym and captioned the post, “Deadpool 3 training in full effect.” Reynolds’, however, corrected the caption on his story stating that he wasn’t getting ready for the film, but he was training to spend a few months with Jackman.

Via Ryan Reynolds' Instagram
Via Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram

It doesn’t look like the rivalry is ending any time soon and we don’t want it to either! With both the actors reprising their iconic roles, it sure will be fun to see where the feud is headed next. Of course, neither of them actually has ill feelings toward the other!

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Hugh Jackman is Ready to Get Ripped

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

All jokes and shade aside, Jackman is working on getting Wolverine-ready. While he started playing the character in his early thirties, he will now be bringing Wolverine out of retirement in his late fifties. However, it looks like the Logan actor is going to let age just be a number. Appearing on the Empire Film Podcast, Jackman stated that he wants to be in better shape than ever before.

“And I’ll have six months to prep, and I always have the same approach every time I go in. I want it to be better than ever, to be in better shape than ever. I just get the added incentive of taking Ryan Reynolds out each day.”

We wonder what Jackman has lined up for his fans! Whatever it is, we sure are grateful to him for bringing Wolverine back from the dead. The reprisal is even better as it is along with one of the most loved characters in the Marvel world, Deadpool.

Catch Wolverine and Deadpool on the big screen as Deadpool 3 comes to theatres on November 08, 2024!

Source: Twitter | Hugh Jackman

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