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“But seriously…put Zack on it”: Watchmen Star Rallies Support to Re-Instate Zack Snyder For Man of Steel 2 After Henry Cavill Breaks the Internet

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Ever since rumors about Henry Cavill’s comeback as Superman to the DCEU have surfaced over the internet, people have simultaneously also been rooting for Zack Snyder to overlook the production with regard to any new projects involving the British actor. And the lead actor of the action/adventure film Watchmen seems to have the same perspective as he expressed his views about Zack Snyder taking up Man of Steel 2. 

Zack Snyder Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder on the Batman v Superman set with Henry Cavill

Jackie Earle Haley recently shared his two cents on social media amidst the new developments that have been taking place with regard to a Man of Steel sequel. And the 61-year-old seems to be serious about restoring the SnyderVerse.

Watchmen star says Zack Snyder should direct Man of Steel 2

Now that Henry Cavill has officially returned to the DCEU as the popular Clark Kent, aka, Superman, all the chatter about a possible Man of Steel sequel has naturally taken a more definitive shape from being mere rumors. And recent reports suggest the same as Warner Bros. are allegedly actively planning to develop a sequel of the 2013 film.

With a Man of Steel 2 reportedly in the works, people are urging Zack Snyder to take over the production of the project following the #RestoreSnyderVerse argument. Even the Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley thinks that nobody could be a better fit than the renowned American filmmaker for directing and producing Man of Steel 2.

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Jackie Earle Haley
Jackie Earle Haley

Haley, who had starred as Rorschach in the 2009 film that Snyder had directed, recently expressed his views on the popular question of who should be directing Man of Steel 2 amidst Cavill’s comeback.

A post about WB looking for writers to commit to the project starring Cavill’s Superman went viral on social media a couple of days back, and Haley had the perfect thing to say in response to it. “This is a job for…Snyderman!” The Bad News Bears actor exclaimed. “But seriously, put Zack on it,” he said. Clearly, fans aren’t the only ones backing up Snyder.

Will Zack Snyder return to direct Man of Steel‘s sequel?

Zack Snyder was last seen taking up production work for 2017’s Justice League, after which he announced his retirement from partaking in any further projects in association with the SnyderVerse. Fans obviously didn’t react readily to this unfortunate piece of news as they started the #RestoreSnyderVerse campaign instead, in the hopes that Snyder would reprise his position.

The recipient of the Saturn Award for Best Director brushed away any hopes of the same as DC confirmed that they would be discontinuing the SnyderVerse instead.

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Zack Snyder DCEU
Justice League director Zack Snyder

However, things had been different back then and Henry Cavill’s return to the superhero franchise definitely changes a lot of aspects. Although there hasn’t been any official word from either Snyder or the studio about whether or not the former would be inclined toward working with the franchise again, one can always hope for the best.

But then again, the filmmaker had already made it clear that he had no intentions whatsoever of reclaiming his old position in DC. Besides, he already seems to have his hands full with Netflix’s Rebel Moon set to release in 2023. So, nothing can be said for sure about him taking up the direction of Man of Steel 2 as well. But we have our fingers crossed nevertheless!

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Source: ScreenRant

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