“But why… What did she do?”: Taylor Swift is TIME’s Person of the Year, Fans are Equally Confused

Taylor Swift beat Sam Altman, King Charles III, Barbie, and even the Hollywood strikers to claim the title of TIME's Person of the Year, leaving many puzzled.

Taylor Swift is TIME’s Person of the Year, Fans are Equally Confused


  • Taylor Swift has had an incredible 2023 which includes multiple awards, a successful Eras tour, and a viral relationship with Travis Kelce.
  • She has as a result, been selected as Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2023.
  • The popstar beat out some stiff competition from notable politicians, the Hollywood strikers, as well as, Barbie.
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Undoubtedly, this year was indisputably dominated by Taylor Swift, leading TIME magazine to crown her as the Person of the Year for 2023. Swift has aptly received one of the most prestigious honors out there. However, fans are bewildered by the magazine’s decision to choose the pop star over notable contenders such as the Hollywood strikers, Putin, Barbie, and King Charles III.

Taylor Swift is TIME's Person of the Year
Taylor Swift is TIME’s Person of the Year (Credit: TIME Magazine)

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TIME’s Person of the Year Selection This Year Leaves Fans Baffled

To start from the beginning, TIME magazine, every year awards this title to, “the individual, group, or concept that has had the most influence on the world throughout the previous 12 months.”

The longstanding ritual, dating back to the 1920s, continued this year with a diverse array of notable figures, namely, well, Taylor Swift herself, Jerome Powell, Barbie the phenomenon to say the least, King Charles III, Vladimir Putin, Trump Prosecutors, Xi Jinping, Sam Altman, and last but not the least the epic Hollywood strikers.


To be honest, each played a pivotal role in shaping this year’s landscape, making waves in headlines across the globe. Yet, as TIME unveiled its pick, fans, in their customary fashion, flocked to social media platforms to voice their opinions and reactions.

Taylor Swift in the music video for Bejeweled
Taylor Swift in the music video for Bejeweled (Credit: Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel)

This is what they had to say about Taylor Swift being crowned as the winner,




Amidst the roster of names, the reasons behind Taylor Swift’s selection for this honor confused many, sparking feelings of injustice towards others on the list who seemingly deserved acknowledgment for their remarkable contributions to shaping a better 2023. While the internet stands divided on this decision, it remains a subjective matter, recognizing the nature of this case.


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Why Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift undeniably experienced a glamorous 2023, defined by her highly successful “Eras” tour, 2023 surely marked a monumental phase in her career trajectory. But that was not all, beyond the stage, her re-recording her albums to reclaim artistic control inspired many. TIME while announcing their list stated,


“Grammy-award winning artist Taylor Swift has had a major year, from re-releasing her albums with record-setting streams to making one of the most successful concert films in history. Swift’s Eras tour is also on track to become the highest-grossing global tour of all time. The pop star was previously on the 2017 Person of the Year cover, along with other “Silence Breakers” who spoke out against sexual misconduct.”

Taylor Swift in Era Tour
Taylor Swift in Era Tour ( Picture by Marina Kozak, Credits: TAS Rights Management)

Her influence extended far and wide, dominating not just the charts but also the cultural landscape worldwide. To be more specific about how influential she was this year, the newspaper chain Gannett appointed a special reporter to only cover Swift on the other hand, Harvard will soon be offering a “Taylor Swift and Her World” class. This summarizes precisely why the magazine decided to go for the singer.

The magazine throughout the years has had a reputation for making distinctive selections, and this year too, fans eagerly awaited its choice, it’s a good thing that the suspense has now finally ended. However, the debate surrounding this pick will undoubtedly persist, becoming a focal point for many heated discussions.


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Written by Sampurna Banerjee

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