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“By far the best Hulk..Feige turned him into a joke”: Years After Marvel Kicked Edward Norton Out of Avengers, Fans Still Believe the Incredible Hulk Is Better Than Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk

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Recasting is never a good option unless the studios have absolutely no choice left. In 2008, Edward Norton starred in and as The Incredible Hulk followed by a recasting of Mark Ruffalo when he appeared in The Avengers (2012).

In a video making rounds around the internet, the fans appear to be deeply moved by the depth that Edward Norton had found for his character of Hulk.

Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.
Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.

Mark Ruffalo vs. Edward Norton As The Incredible Hulk

In a video making rounds around the internet, Edward Norton, who is known famously for portraying the role of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk was seen getting interviewed. The actor discussed his life and the deep philosophy that he had associated with the green-raging monster.

Edward Norton's Hulk.
Edward Norton’s Hulk.

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The video shows Edward Norton praising and admiring The 1978 TV series, also titled The Incredible Hulk, starring Bill Bixby. The Fight Club actor is seen later talking about the original plans they had for Hulk which included a storyline for drug abuse and addiction but Norton made the better of it. He told the higher-ups to make this movie all about rage and then, later on, went to compare the Hulk with Prometheus from Greek literature.

The comment section is filled with people comparing Mark Ruffalo with Edward Norton and then regretting Marvel’s choice for redoing the actor since Edward Norton indeed had a depth for the character of Hulk that many other characters lack.

“I love how Norton is describing the Hulk here because he actually gets the character. Love Marks Hulk but prefer Norton’s. Made you believe that when he’d get mad you’d be dead.”

A user commented,

“This Hulk : story about a cursed man with an unstoppable power,about how rage can destroy a person New Hulk : a clown”

The comparisons began to dig deep into the current MCU lore.

“Best Banner we’ve had. Marvel/Feige turned him into a joke Norton wanted to take him in a proper direction”

“In another life, Nortons Hulk would’ve stood with everyone in Endgame.”

The people generally came to the conclusion that Edward Norton’s portrayal of the Incredible Hulk was indeed beautiful and Mark Ruffalo would have to have some in-depth ness of his character if he wishes to impress the fans further down the line. With World War Hulk in hopes of development, Mark Ruffalo will indeed have to keep the fans happy.

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Edward Norton To Appear In World War Hulk?

Edward Norton can appear in a World War Hulk.
Edward Norton can appear in a World War Hulk.

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Mark Ruffalo has admitted that he would very much like a World War Hulk movie to occur. This has led to fans ecstatically waiting for any announcement from the higher-ups regarding the movie. Considering that Marvel Studios will be guiding the project, it is not a faraway possibility that Edward Norton might come back to play a Hulk from an alternate dimension.

Although there have been no official announcements done yet, Bruce Banner’s son Skaar attests to the fact that an all-out Hulk-war might be a possibility in the near future if Hulk’s blood falls into the wrong hands which they tried to do in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The people would indeed love to see Edward Norton once again donning the lab coat of Dr. Bruce Banner but as far as the legality goes, the fans will have to wait for more.

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