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Cad Bane: 6 Incredible Facts About The Galaxy’s Grittiest Bounty Hunter

Cad Bane 6 Incredible Facts About The Galaxys Grittiest Bounty Hunter

The Book of Boba Fett was a much-awaited series for Star Wars fans. The series is full of interesting cameos and easter eggs. The cameos are not just from the previous films and series but also from animated series, video games, and comics. The Star Wars fans are all eyes and ears when Dave Filoni directs. In his previous direction, he introduced Ahsoka in Mandalorian Season 2. The question was who is he going to introduce this time. And it was Cad Bane, the grittiest bounty hunter of the galaxy. But for the fans who are not familiar with the Bounty Hunter, these are some interesting facts that you must know about him.

1. He is the Most Feared Bounty Hunter

Cad Bane
Cad Bane is the Most Feared Bounty Hunter

He was first introduced in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in 2009. Cad Bane is created by George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and Henry Gilroy. He was born in Duro and became a notorious character in the Clone War era. He is the most successful and dangerous bounty hunter as he started it at an early age.

2. He was hired by Darth Maul to steal a Padawan

Cad Bane
Cad Bane was hired by Darth Maul to steal a Padawan

In a 2017 issue, Darth Maul hired Cad Bane by Sith Lord before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Cad Bane was sent to kidnap a Jedi Padawan that was being auctioned by criminals. A group of Moogans bought the Padawan, they were ambushed by Bane, Maul, and their team, and their starship crashed on the moon.

3. He has fought against Some Famous Jedi

Cad Bane
Cad Bane Fought Some Famous Jedi

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Sidious hired Cad Bane to steal Holocron. This put a task force led by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano started tracking him. Cad Bane stole the Holocron from Anakin and managed to escape dressed as a Clone Trooper.

4. He was hired to save and eliminate the Hutt Clan Member

Cad Bane was hired by Jabba
Cad Bane was hired by Jabba

After The Holocron incident, Cad Bane was hired by Jabba to help release Ziro, a Hutt clan member from Galactic Republic’s imprisonment. Jabba then again re-hired him to kill the same being. He later discovered that Ziro’s lover murdered him.

5. Obi-Wan Stopped Cad Bane from kidnapping Palpatine

Cad Bane
Obi-Wan Stopped Cad Bane from kidnapping Palpatine

In the final episodes of the clone wars, the rivalry between Obi-Wan and Cad Bane reached its peak when Bane let the Republic capture him. The surrender was a part of the task to help a man Moralu Eval escape given to him by Dooku. Cad Bane lead a group that included Rako Hardeen who was selected to capture Palpatine. Hardeen turned out to be Obi-Wan in disguise, he successfully stopped the kidnapping and arrested Bane.

6. He was a Mentor of Boba Fett

Cad Bane and Boba Fett
Cad Bane was a mentor to Boba Fett

By the end of Clone Wars, Cad Bane met Boba Fett. He saw that the young Boba Fett was capable of being a good bounty hunter. Cad Bane took him under his wing, in order to repay Jango Fett. Their relationship took a bad turn and they became adversaries. They had a standoff which ended up with both being shot in the head.

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