“Call me, please”: Wonder Woman Writer Gail Simone Begs James Gunn to Include Her in His Diana Storyline After Patty Jenkins Exit That Put Gal Gadot’s Future in Doubt

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Wonder Woman is a popular DC superhero and a symbol of woman empowerment because of her origins. She is one of the first woman superheroes with a layered and intriguing backstory, and promoting qualities such as honesty, compassion, selflessness, and courage; eventually, became a role model for children and women.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman in DC Comics

Fans have always loved Princess Diana as a supporting cast in the movies, and her standalone movies are always compelling and mesmerizing. And it seems that fans would get to see more of it in a new Wonder Woman animated series when James Gunn confirmed a fan that he will work on a new animated series to develop the character’s story.

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Will Gail Simone write the new Wonder Woman story?

When James Gunn replied to a fan that he agrees that Wonder Woman is a rich character and how her inclusion in movies as a supporting character adds depth to the plot. The Co-CEO tweeted “Agreed. Working on it.” And in another tweet, Gunn clarified that DC Studios is working on an animated series because there is not enough content for The Goddess of Truth.

Even though nothing is announced about an animated series, it is possible that Gail Simone might work in the animated series because she is known for work in renowned DC Comics such as Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and many more and she is the longest-running female writer of Wonder Woman. The artist expressed her interest to work in the series after she replied to James Gunn’s tweet, asking him to call her.


Simone would be a great choice for the animated series because she has worked on the character for a significant duration and her approach to the character is perfect which gives her life. Moreover, it would be appropriate to give her an important role in the series because of her passion and love for the character, and she knows what makes The Princess of Themyscira so special.

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Is Gal Gadot’s Future as Wonder Woman in Jeopardy?

When it was reported that Wonder Woman 3 was canceled, and eventually Patty Jenkins made an exit from DC Studios fans were in a state of shock. Moreover, when James Gunn made announcements in Chapter 1, there were no plans for a Wonder Woman movie, which made the fans question the future of the franchise.

Patty Jenkins

However, it is unsure if Gal Gadot would appear as Wonder Woman because the reboot of the franchise has made some big names exit from DC Studios.

But fans would soon get an answer to their question because the Co-CEO confirmed that Wonder Woman will be a part of his future plans. Fans were relieved when James Gunn talked about his future plans.

Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

However, the question remains if the Red Notice actress would reprise her role in the rebooted franchise. The actress was supposed to reprise her role in the third sequel but the project was stopped after the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as Co-CEOs of DC Studios. However, the actress has not been fired from playing her role.

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Wonder Woman can be streamed on Netflix.


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