Call of Duty 2024 Will Reportedly Introduce a Major, Much Talked About Change to the Black Ops Series

Recent leaks hint that the new Call of Duty: Black Ops might bring about an unforeseen change to the franchise.

Call of Duty 2024 Will Reportedly Introduce a Major, Much Talked About Change to the Black Ops Series


  • Call of Duty is one of the longest running first person shooter franchises of all time.
  • These games have only increased in popularity and sales over the years.
  • It looks like Treyarch is all set to introduce a brand new era of Black Ops to its fans.
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Call of Duty is a very long-running series; the first game in this franchise was launched back in 2003. Yes, it’s been 21 years since fans have been enjoying these fast-paced first-person shooters. The main point of attraction for its fans has been the exciting campaign of these games. Whatever developer worked on Call of Duty games, be it Infinity Ward or Treyarch, they always designed excellent story modes.


The rumors of Call of Duty 2024, too, have started suggesting that it would feature an exciting campaign mode. It is being suggested that fans would get to experience yet another fast-paced suspenseful story in this game, but in a whole different setting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2024 might bring a lot of excitement to the series

Call of Duty: Black Ops artwork

Amongst all of the Call of Duty games, the Black Ops series has stood out for a bunch of reasons. One story from the first game in this series can still be considered the best of all. Second is the fact that these games always had much gorier and more fun combat mechanics when compared to the more serious Modern Warfare series.


And this is why this sub-franchise has garnered its own share of a fanbase that specifically looks forward to every Black Ops game. These games sometimes truly live up to the hype, like Black Ops 2, and sometimes they disappoint royally, like Black Ops 3. But now things have changed. Seeing how Infinity Ward has once again lifted Modern Warfare to greatness, fans have similar hopes for the Treyarch and Black Ops franchises too.

And it looks like Treyarch is more than ready to deliver. They had done a commendable job with Call of Duty: Cold War. Even though that game had a very short length, now all they have to do is make sure their next game is as exciting and a bit longer so that fans can get their money’s worth.

A still from Call of Duty: Black Ops

Recent leaks have suggested a lot of things about this new game, too. The most important thing is that the new Black Ops will launch in 2024. These links also suggested that the game would have a Gulf War setting. This does not seem like a stretch, as the previous games were set during the Vietnam War and Cold War eras.


Another leak came from the actor named Luke Charles Stafford; he suggested that he would be playing a character named Ratcliffe in the next Call of Duty game. Someone caught the hint and suggested that this upcoming game would feature a SAS soldier called Peter Ratcliffe, who fought in the Gulf War.

The suggestion of the game being set during the Gulf War is pretty huge, as this would be the first time a Black Ops game would feature a campaign set around a non-American operation. Maybe players would yet again control someone as a spy for the CIA? Let’s see where Treyarch takes this crazy new premise.

What of the zombie mode, though?

A still from Call of Duty: Black Ops

Besides developing these gritty-looking games with excellent stories, Treyarch was also the first to introduce Zombies mode to its fans. It made its debut in Call of Duty: World at War, the first-ever game in the Black Ops series.


This is why fans always expect something special whenever it’s Trayarch’s turn to develop a Call of Duty title. Hence, besides a new kind of story, maybe Treyarch would also bring an interesting twist on zombie mode with Call of Duty 2024.



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