“Why the hell was this in a Call of Duty game?”: These Are 8 of the Most Brutally Gruesome Video Game Deaths Ever

One of them give off vibes akin to Saw.

gruesome video game deaths


  • Some of the video games like Mortal Kombat are known for the gore they contain.
  • Games like Call of Duty didn't feature such elements initially but eventually walked this path.
  • Today, every now and then, players will see brutality in many video games that even movies fail to capture.
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Realism in gaming has reached a whole new level, as video game deaths aren’t just walking into a small chasm and popping up from the checkpoint again, unharmed. From Call of Duty to Mortal Kombat death isn’t pretty in there. It can be gut-wrenching and may lead anyone to say, ‘That was cruel’.


But that’s what makes those games worthwhile, though not for children under a certain age. Some of the kills may even cause players to induce mercy, even though they have developed hatred towards a character. Such are some gruesome video game deaths as found on X/Twitter via user NikTekofficial, listed below.

8. William Carver’s Death From Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Kenny leaves Carver's face disfigured in the game.
Kenny leaves Carver’s face disfigured in the game.

In the case of The Walking Dead‘s antagonist, karma hit him badly, and so did Kenny. In the game, Carver is held hostage and is shot in the leg, crippling him. But what followed was more brutal.


Kenny asks the people to leave him alone, and as everyone leaves the both of them inside the room, Kenny beats him to death, leaving the victim’s face disfigured.

7. The Alpha Biophage in The Callisto Protocol

Alpha Ferris totally crushes his victim to death.
Alpha Ferris totally crushes his victim to death.

During the fight with Ferris, the boss turns into a ruthless monster, and he develops a hunch on his back. If the player comes into his grasp, he shows no mercy to the victim.

First, he sends a spike through the body, and while that’s enough to feel the pain, he breaks the body into two like it’s a rotten piece of wood.


6. The Bloater From The Last of Us

The Bloater can't see but feel the death of his victim.
The Bloater can’t see but feel the death of his victim.

While our protagonists from The Last of Us video games are skilled and can tackle every danger they confront, they aren’t very lucky some of the time.

The thick, fungus-filled enemies are incredibly strong and aren’t mandatory enemies to fight, players need to make some distance from them if they choose to engage. Or they may be deprived of their jaws after they have enjoyed the last dance with them.

5. The Dentist Chair Execution in Manhunt

Manhunt's dentist chair execution looks extremely painful.
Manhunt‘s dentist chair execution looks extremely painful.

2003’s Rockstar game follows the story of death row inmate James Earl Cash, who, at first, appears dead but is actually sedated. What follows is his ‘hunt for freedom’ where he is supposed to kill the bad guys.


While there are gruesome deaths happening now and then in the game, the dentist chair torture remains on top of the franchise. Despite the game not being high definition, we can almost feel the pain.

4. Leon vs. Novistador Struggle in Resident Evil 4

Leon gets an acid bath if he fails in his struggle against the monster.
Leon gets an acid bath if he fails in his struggle against the monster.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Resident Evil 4 still has the potential to give anyone nightmares, and we are talking about the original one and not the remastered version.

In one of his missions, he encounters this flying monster, dubbed Novistador, trying to take Ashley away. Though they can be killed without breaking a sweat, they can give the player a burn of a lifetime if they fail during the struggle.


3. When Mileena Loses Control in Mortal Kombat X

The victim doesn't die a quick death in this one.
The victim doesn’t die a quick death in this one.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to the fans, as Mortal Kombat games are known for their brutal deaths. Still, Mileena’s rage deserves a special mention here, as the victim sees what’s happening to them at the moment.

It’s gut-wrenching, literally. In one of these fatalities, fans can see Kitana’s cloned sister tearing her victim apart.

2. Delille’s Final Moments With Isaac in Dead Space 2

Delille is turned into a necromorph in the game.
Delille is turned into a necromorph in the game.

Unfortunately, the game’s beginning is the end for Delille, a character who frees Isaac from the asylum.


As they are in a conversation, Delille is attacked from behind, and before players can understand what’s happening, Isaac’s new friend is turned into a murderous creature.

1. The Corpse Gate in Call of Duty: World War 2 Is Definitely the Most Gruesome of Video Game Deaths

This particular moment in Call of Duty: WWII appears to be a scene straight out of Saw.
This particular moment in Call of Duty: WWII appears to be a scene straight out of Saw.

Last but not least, The Corpse Gate will give the players an impression if they are in the Jigsaw killer’s lair. Even users on Social media platform X were nonplussed after witnessing this brutality.


Just when the players are about to enter the freezer area, the trap is set and the man can be seen screaming just before he is torn from limb to limb.

Which of these moments strikes you as most gruesome? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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